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ChibiLydiaOh, my God! Oh, my God! OH. MY. FREAKING. GOD! IT’S ACTUALLY SO CLOSE!

What is close, you may ask? Why, Nora Roberts’s new book, the beginning of a brand new series, Dark Witch, of course!

I am actually SQUEALING WITH DELIGHT right now! The trilogy is called Cousins O’Dwyer, so, you know what that means? That’s right, people, another trilogy with main characters in a surely hilarious group/family – God, I love those!  AND IT’S IN IRELAND, YAHOO!!!

Only 9 days left till it’s out. I can honestly roll around in my bed hugging my pillow if I so much as stand up from my chair!

I’m leaving you – for now, expect a review in two days – with this amazing cover of an equally amazing – I don’t have to read it to know it, the woman is a genius! – book.