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FTD CoverWelcome to Ferryport Landing! The most boring town in the middle of nowhere… Or at least that’s how Sabrina Grimm views it when she and her little sister, Daphne, are sent there to be given to a grandma they knew to be dead. With their parents gone and this strange old lady that speaks of fairy-tales, legends, detectives and duties bound to their bloodline, can the girls learn to trust her and accept her as family? Or will they manage to run away, as they have done with so many foster families? And what about the unusual occurencies and residents of this God forsaken town?

Michael Buckley’s The Fairy-Tale Detectives opens the stage for a series full of humor, action, and stories that most of us have known ever since we were toddlers. It starts slow, VERY slow, but as soon as Grandma Relda gets taken by the giant, the story rushes all by itself to get to the ending point – at least of this book.

We have a town full of Everafters, the heroes and heroines – and sometimes animals – of all those fairy tales brought to us by the Brothers Grimm, who, in this book, happen to be ancestors of the two main heroines. They are cursed to live forever – thanks to the magic in them – within the town limits, as long as a member of the Grimm family – who is still alive and kicking, of course – stays within those limits, too. As you can guess, the Everafters are not exactly happy with this predicament…

Enter Sabrina and Daphne. Their parents are gone, they’ve been in numerous foster families with serious mental issues, and this is the last – pretty much – chance the orphanage gives them. Their grandmother has been found, and she’s taking them “home”, but that doesn’t mean they’ll let themselves be fooled and abused again. And really, when you believe someone to be a liar, it’s not wise on their part to be telling you of things that cannot be explained by science, so who can blame them? (bad move that one, Granny Relda…)

For the first book in a series, it was rather decent. Fast paced once the most basic world building and character development was done, with humorous and witty dialogues every other page, it literally begged to be read quickly. The fairy-tale aspect twisted to fit an author’s story is not uncommon, however Mr. Buckley managed to give our favorite bedtime stories a darker side. The heroes and heroines are not gentle and fair, they don’t put the well-being of those around them above their own (at least not all of them), and they all want the Grimms dead. They’re selfish, cranky, uncooperative at times, and, when it comes to some of them, downright murderous.

Not sure I can blame them, if I was stuck at a place for so long, I would be ready to bite heads off…

The only problem I have concerning this story is Sabrina. She was worse than the Everafters when it came to manners, and her bratty attitude, even when it was finally pretty much obvious Relda was her real grandma, was understandable at first, and irritating after a while. I do hope her character develops a better personality in the next books.

With all this great ground on which to step on, Michael Buckley has set a twisted, modern, dangerous little world in which his tale of the Sisters Grimm is to take place. Here’s to an even better sequel, with as much – if not more – caustic humor and weirdly extraordinary adventures!

RATING:  4cupcakes