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ChibiAnastasiaHello there!!!! I finally posted as well! We are L&A! I am A for movies! So you can know who I am! Of course I don’t forget the mastermind behind this blog who is L, my beloved cousin and bookworm! HA HA HA HA!

This post has been written about a week, because I have so much in my mind that I want to tell you! Yes I have to apologise because I’m a little late for my reviews! And that’s exactly what I’m going to be doing here! But I’ m having a hard time because I wish I would be a fluent English speaker. This is the first time that I wrote in English and posted it!
I have so much to share with you, it would take me days to be done with it! First of all, I want to clear that I will discuss about movies that I’ve watched, new and old – some of them were made 10 years ago! Also, I’m BIG FAN of chick flicks, BIG BIG FAN!!!! I love that kind of romance!

I’ m so excited, I can’t believe this is happening. YES, LOVE FOR MOVIES IS IN THE AIR!!!!!!!

(sometimes, I may get the urge to chat about TV series. just so you know 😉 )