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ChibiLydiaI shouldn’t be doing this. Hell, I shouldn’t even be here, online, today, because it was supposed to be a nice, calm day, with Anastasia’s first movie review – I’m terribly sorry for this, cuz. I’m sorry, I’m so sorry…

If you have heard this last apology somewhere, then you probably know what I want to talk about. Who in here doesn’t know Doctor Who? Who, in all honesty, hasn’t been intrigued enough to watch even one episode – and then got hooked?

On the 23rd of November, 1963, almost 50 years ago, the first Doctor Who episode – An Unearthly Child – with William Hartnell as the first Doctor, that adorable, quirky, often childish and stubborn old man whom almost every Whovian wished they could call their grandfather, was filmed. Now, may his blessed soul rest in peace, I fear this wonderful man who introduced us to this amazing world might be rolling around in his grave with what the younger generations are trying to pull.

There has been some noise going around the internet, that One Direction will name the 23rd of November, the day that we all have been waiting for as the 50th Anniversary of our favorite show, their day: 1D DAY.

Wait… what? Why, yes, you heard me right. 50 years ago, God let Doctor Who be gifted to humanity, and now, 50 years later, some new boy band, decided that half a century of episodes is not worthy enough for the show to deserve its own special day.

Often we hear complaints and rants, and blah-blah-blah from fans of various young stars. How we hate them, how we don’t allow them the opportunity to shine the way the other, older, more famous stars already do. (Please forgive this potty-mouthed bookworm for the comments after this line.)

BULLSHIT! (ah, that felt good!)

When did we ever prevent your idols from shining? As true members of a fandom, we understand the need to let younger generation stars do their thing and try to make a name for themselves. I myself listen to One Direction songs from time to time, as they make me feel lighter when I’m stressed.

But there is a certain limit to everything.

A day to call their own?

Sure, go ahead, I think it’s a nice and fun plan.

Deciding that day to be on the same date as Doctor Who’s Anniversary?

No. Just… no…

1963. I doubt you, young men, were even a speck of thought in your parents’ heads at that time – hell, maybe they weren’t even born yet!

What you’re doing is wrong on so many levels, I don’t even know where to start – and I won’t, because I feel like it wouldn’t matter to you, anyway. I’m leaving aside the fact you’re British, so, not knowing the Doctor’s Anniversary date sort of strikes me as impossible.

But the fans? Why haven’t they said anything? Why isn’t anyone trying to stop this?! I’ve visited a couple of sites to see if the information that just destroyed a rather peaceful day for me is true, and all I see, is foolish girls being so happy, not giving a damn they pretty much violated the grounds of a fandom that existed way before they did, and attacking Whovians with unnecessary, harsh words, whenever there is an uproar demanding the date to change. You’re not the only ones who like something enough to be called fans. There are other fandoms, too, and they deserve respect as much – if not more – as you do.

Some say it’s not like the boys are trying to steal it, or force people to forget about the Doctor. Rest assured, I don’t believe they would – I am against the idea, not them, they actually seem pretty nice – but this is not what matters to us. We feel violated, hurt, and underprivileged in the sense that, unlike other fandoms, we are expected to “roll with it”, shut our mouths, and show respect to fan girls because they, too, have interests.

Well, that’s fine and dandy. But where is our respect?

Where is our right to keep a day special to us since 1963? Where is our privilege as certified Doctor Who fans to show the world what an awesome show it is? Where is our much deserved place in the calendar?

Why should we bow our heads and let the next generations rule us with their wants and desires? Wasn’t the fact the previous ones did that, sometimes judging our tastes and fandoms, more than enough? Why should WE be the ones to back down, to be so lenient and indulge them, like we owe it to them?

If we let this pass, if we allow fans – who mostly consist of young girls that can’t even decide for themselves when it comes to serious matters in life, that follow people like maniacs because of their looks and the trends, and that scream like lunatics, showing such a distasteful example of where humanity is heading to – to take our day, what is next? Should we give them even more of our fandom rights, so that we don’t get labeled as insensitive haters, old-fashioned, and many more names like those?

And if we do, do you actually believe they will stop at that? Because they won’t. Give somebody the freedom to step on your new shoe with muddy heels and with no retribution for their actions, and they will not just do it twice every day, they will even try to pull your pants down and step on them, too, or, worse, throw YOU in the mud to get it over with.

So, go ahead. Let them have OUR day, in the name of progress and evolution…