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The enormous grizzly bear stalked toward the teenagers, its footfall eerily quiet for such a large beast. 

And what a beast! One that we would very much like to cuddle with, once we see his human side 😉

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s take it from the beginning, shall we?

Lia Goodblood, an erotica writer, is running from her biggest fan, who happens to be a creepy stalker that wants to do some very freaky stuff to her. She ends up on Gemini Island, where Ryland Snow, the gruff, human-wary, bear shifter that owns the Ursa Fishing Lodge, has a major problem of his own. His little horndog – well, bear – of a brother, has come asking for a place to hide, as he has become a hitman’s target for sleeping with the wrong man’s wife. A fragile human that calls to his protective instincts and fears everything furry is the last thing he needs. But he can’t seem to let Lia go – and his inner bear wants a taste of the petite woman and will not be denied.

Time to meet the main couple. Say hello to Ryland!

And Lia!

And may I just say, they were both wonderful! It’s quite rare for me to like both characters in a romance-focused book, but it really happened here.

Ryland was so dreamy, I was in love with him before I even reached the part where – through Lia – we were given his physical description. Granted, I’m not much of a hairy-man fan, but this one just called to me. He was gruff, cuddly and sexy, and he wore plaid – AND HE’S A BITER! The petting session was adorable, and a certain smutty scene was epic – God, the man knows how to use his fingers! The only thing that bothered me was the fact he works out at a gym – I would have preferred him to be this way thanks to labor work and contact with nature – kinda like a sexier version of a lumberjack, you know?

And I don’t know about you, but he can be the lumberjack to my Red Riding Hood any day of the week!

Lia was equally amazing. A true match for Ryland, she completed him in ways the writer didn’t even have to point out. I loved how she was always so ready to defend her book, how she jumped in the mere sight of a bunny, but stood her ground when it came to men twice her size. And she may be a hot blooded woman and blush sometimes over Soren (Ry’s little bro), but the woman knows what she wants. However, let me just say this – and I don’t know how weird it will sound – her writing wasn’t as good as Rosanna’s. I know, I know, technically, she is Rosanna’s character, thus her writing belongs to Rosanna as well, but honestly, no. It was different in some small details, and that was what made me say “Hmmm, she’s not as good as her creator”. Does that make any sense?

Anyway, concerning the story in general. If you haven’t read it, DO IT ASAP! I already had some of Mrs. Leo’s books in my TR list, but once I started reading Predator’s Kiss, I was sold. My money’s on her! Like I said above, she was so good at creating her characters, they connected in a way that she didn’t have to describe. She showed their story and let them do the talking for her. Not to mention she didn’t stray from the main plot line. Lia and Ryland never lost focus of the danger that brought them together until it was over. Often we see couples in books like this that meet thanks to an outer danger, and, after they hook up, suddenly, oh-so-magically, they forget that, hey, a maniac/stalker/serial killer/apocalypse is out there! But no, not here. Ryland falls in love with Lia, but her safety is still one of his priorities, and he doesn’t forget that his brother is also in trouble. (and, ok, I may have wanted to wring Soren’s neck for interrupting them most of the time, but come on, I’m not that cruel to wish him truly dead)

And for the sake of my sanity, I won’t even tread on the “smutty” ground. Because, I’m telling you, this writer knows her sex scenes! Boy, she didn’t even need to write one with all the tension in the air, and Ryland being… well, him. I’m telling you, he would get to touch Lia, and I WOULD BE THE ONE MELTING! One thing’s for sure, though, I will never look at a jar of honey the same way again….

The only thing that sort of bugged me, was the info on Karen. I would have liked some more details on her blackmail act. Still, it wasn’t something that took anything out of the story, just my own curiosity. No reason for a book as good as this to lose its 5 cupcakes!

“My heart was pounding so hard I got scared. I’m not one to get scared, Lia, but you scare the shit out of me. You’re incredible.” – Ryland Snow 

***I was given a free copy by the writer, in exchange for an honest review. The opinion stated in this review is solely mine, and no compensation was given or taken to alter it.***