ChibiLydiaJust a little something I found while trying to come up with new names for my MOOC project’s details. Apparently, I’ve been living under a rock all this time, because Google now gifted me with two sites that will surely prove very useful in the future.

Having trouble with a new character? Don’t know what kind of name to give them? No problem! The Random Name Generator is here to help you! You can choose whether you’re looking for male or female names, and then pick whether you want a common, average, or rare name. It even has surnames!


I officially declare the person who thought of this a genius – and my own personal savior, because, I can come up with a lot of things, but names will always be my weak point.

And for those of us who write fantasy, there’s a name generator for that as well!


I thought of sharing this little treasure (even if mostly everyone will know of this by now). Given this month’s special meaning to writers (*cough* NaNoWriMo *cough*), I just couldn’t hold it for myself.

Hope I helped – even a little – anyone who might be struggling these days with stuff like that 🙂