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Well, won’t you look at that? A post! *gasp*

Yes, yes, we have both been absent from doing some actual work here for more than a week, but there’s a very good reason for that, we swear! Ok, more than one reason, actually.

The most important being the fact that our exam period is coming very soon, and we both have our hands tied with studying. Then, there’s also the whole “Christmas list” in the way – try helping with the house’s cleaning up and decorations, while you are also expected to attend all the family parties for days and then come scold us on not being active here. Last but not least, Anastasia was busy with trying to find a movie watch-worthy, while Lydia was knees-deep in her duties as a reader – more than 400 pages in one go, with practically zero time to spare, is sort of hard to happen. (and they say you have more time in the holidays…)

Still, we’re not giving up. We’ll be ready to post something real soon, so just wait a bit, alright?

May the New Year that is to come bring you all that you wish for. We sure hope it does the same for us 🙂

Lots of wishes and hugs from the reviewers of Cupcakes and Popcorn~