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Curse you, Michele Renae! I’ve never liked Paris, never wanted to go, never wanted to make a French guy mine. And you strive into my life, with your perfect book, and make all this go away! POOF! Just like that!

Window is a book that can’t be described in a few words – and yet, it’s still a book that needs just that, otherwise what’s the point? To fully experience it you NEED to read it, a humble review like mine can simply do it very little justice.

The main heroine – whose name we never find out – lives in Paris, with the best of jobs a bookworm could ask for. The apartment opposite of hers gets occupied by a… well, hunk is the closest term to what he is. Little by little, and with no contact beyond the glass, the couple develops some kind of relationship – no matter how odd it might seem.

And this is where we as readers come in.

Monsieur Sexy – as our heroine calls her male partner in mutual voyeurism – doesn’t get any name introduction, either, and we’re free to picture him any way we want. Besides, the narration is from the heroine’s POV, so all the better.

What we get to fan girl over is a cross between this:

And this:

Oh, boy, this man is surely to die for! Because, yes, you guessed right, the guy has a killer body, fences, and is also a bespectacled computer geek (actually, he wears the glasses only when he’s working or reading, but let me keep my fantasy, ok?). Do I hear one thousand yet or what?

So, what do you get by reading this book in the end? Oh, my petites mignonnes, that’s easy to answer.

You get a fun, sexy short story that is the start for something breathtaking. You get a heroine who is sarcastic, witty, and so much so the woman we all want to be. She’s a bit afraid to open up and commit, but she’s been hurt in the past, and this is her way of coping. She’s comfortable with herself and doesn’t mind trying new things. She understands that we only get to live once, and we should never let a chance pass us by without grasping it. In just a few pages, this fictional woman takes us through Paris in a way that made even me wish to go live there, and tells of something that has nothing to envy from the greatest love stories humanity’s romantic literature ever gave to us.

You also get a hero that is no less solid than those heroes we actually know by name and clear appearance. Monsieur Sexy may have been in his skivvies for the most part of the story, but that didn’t stop our heroine from seeing the kind, cute, shy, respectable and funny guy behind his abs an “sword” – or us from that matter.

So curse you again, Renae! For making this gal wish what she rarely wishes – to be in the heroine’s sexy Louboutins and live such an amazing experience myself!



***I was given an ARC from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. The opinion stated in this review is solely mine, and no compensation was given or taken to alter it.***