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I have only one word for you, Mrs. Barrymire: WOW!

And to anyone out there wondering if they should give this little quickie a shot, all I’m saying is: what?! You still haven’t tried it out?! However did you manage to live this long without reeading it?!

Liz Peters is your every day mouse in the corner, the awkward bookworm with the weird tastes in sex – at least, according to the men in her romantic life so far. At the age of 23, she’s tired of her touch and go efforts – and her family and friends trying to hook her up with someone via futile blind dates. So, she decides to give Fated Mates, Inc. a try – they guarantee to find you your significant other with three dates or less, so what’s the harm? It’s – at the very least – a new experience. And meeting Byte, the tattooed gorgeous hunk, during her first date assignment, is certainly one of said experience’s perks.

Quickies like Byte Marks are usually what we readers overlook. Most of us don’t believe they’re worth our time. I beg to difer.

Because this particular quickie is a definite proof that there are hidden gems in EVERY genre. Gems just like… well, just like Byte, actually. A hot guy with tattoos and a Harley. The kind of guy our mothers would warn us to stay away from and we would still stare hungrily at. Only, Byte is so much more than just your typical inked bad-boy riding a purring two-wheeled “beast”. He’s a man with a great mind, witty humor that is nowhere near insulting someone, and a gentlemanly persona that, combined with his sex appeal, could make even my own mother undone in his capable hands!

As for Liz, well, there is no actual physical description of her – am I allowed to admit I didn’t mind it in the least? I could actually picture myself in that room with Byte. Double the hotness, waiter, I think I’m sold!

She was funny, and cute when she was shy, and yet her thoughts showed exactly the way we female readers feel like. Such a misunderstood bunch we are…

Thank you, Mrs. Barrymire, for showing what a great treat tattooed men can be. And for gifting this super hot quickie to the world!

P.S.: Only problem was, there is no real-life agency like Fated Mates Incorporated. Unless there is – wouldn’t be the first time I found out about something belatedly. If so, where can we sign up?



***I received the book from a FB Giveaway. The opinion stated in this review is solely mine, and no compensation was given or taken to alter it – unless you count Byte’s hot mouth as compensation.***