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Drew Barrymore once said:”I love romance. I’m a sucker for it. I love it so much.”

Well, we here at Cupcakes and Popcorn love it just as much – if not more – and we’re bringing you today, on the day dedicated to all lovers, a writer that has created one of the hottest, most romantic and most heart-warming stories, which takes place in the very city of amour.

Let’s all welcome Michele Renae!

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I’m thrilled to be featured here at Cupcakes and Popcorn. It’s such a fun blog!

This week I’m celebrating the release of book #2 in my Paris Secrets trilogy, SCREEN. The first book, WINDOW, was out last fall and you’ll find it on sale for a limited time Feb 14-17 for only .99 cents. (Grab it while you can!)

This trilogy is a special project of mine that has been simmering on the back burner for YEARS. I got the idea for a fun romp about two people who meet (and take it REALLY far) through windows, but didn’t have a chance to work on it until recently. Because when I’m not writing oddly sexy but unique erotica, I also write paranormal romances under a different name. The vampires and werewolves do keep me very busy.

But back to the fun stuff, the sex, Paris, and Monsieur Sexy.

Readers and reviewers have called WINDOW fun, flirty and unique. That thrills me! I’m so glad to be doing something a little different than most erotica. And I like to keep it light, not too much angst, and lots of sexy stuff. But while I was writing WINDOW I realized it couldn’t stop at one book. I had to get the window lovers together. But…not too quickly. I mean, the idea of rushing from no words right to ‘hey, here I am, let’s do this!’ didn’t work for me either. I had to move things along gradually.

That’s where SCREEN comes in. Cybersex! Or my form of it, at least.

If was fun exploring the lovers’ growing relationship in this second story. I can honestly say I’ve never had an online love affair (happily married for quite some time now) but to imagine what it would be like was both fun and…frustrating. I mean, really? How to sustain a relationship without touch? And will the lovers ever learn each other’s names? 😉
And what’s up with the dressing room scene? Should she have gone farther? Was it just right? And why do peaches keep showing up in my stories?

Hmm…. Sometimes my writer’s brain baffles me.

And just a sneak about book #3, SKIN. It’s going to be longer and takes place over a longer span of time, and I’ve even gotten into the hero’s head so you’ll read from both character’s points of view in this final installment.

SKIN is out this Fall. Sign up for my newsletter to be notified about the exact release date. Catch up by reading WINDOW and SCREEN first!

~Michele Renae~

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