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“Rose, I made you a promise that I would back off and let you have some time. I told you I’d give you room to find yourself before I pushed back into your life. I lied. I don’t want to back off. I don’t want to give you space. I don’t want to leave you alone. I love you. I want to spend my life with you. Take all the time you need to answer because I’m not going anywhere. I’ll be right here, wherever you are. I won’t boss you around. I won’t tell you what to do, but I’ll be here. Waiting for you.” – Cab Johnson

Take a look at the quote above, and tell me that Cab doesn’t win the award for “Most Awesome Man of the Year”! Go on, try and prove me wrong!

Life in Chance Creek is not as dull as one might think. While to an outsider it might look like a quiet and boring ranch town in Montana, to Cab Johnson, the town’s sheriff, it’s a place full of danger waiting to happen. The fourth of the Cowboys of Chance Creek, Cab is the serious, worrisome force that has to deal with sorting out trouble – and the messes that his three friends often find themselves into. He has a lot on his plate already, and having to look out for Rose Bellingham, no matter how much she occupies his mind, is a task that has him on his toes. Still, he can’t help the overprotectiveness in her case, even if Rose already has a man that’s supposed to care for her. As for the woman in question, she has her own demons to battle. The need for freedom and a fiancé in North Dakota are enough to deal with – diving headfirst into her mutual attraction with the big good sheriff would only complicate things further. But what are two people, meant to be, supposed to do when holding back proves to be too much?

As Morgan said in the 3rd book, The Cowboy Imports a Bride , it was Cab’s turn to settle down. And, oh, my darlings, wasn’t yours truly impatient to get to his story or what? Cab has been my favorite character since book one, and Rose was an enigma I couldn’t wait to solve ever since I found out about her “gift” – which was seriously awesome, somehow sensing which couples would make it in the long run and which wouldn’t. Cora Seton has become an addiction of mine, I’m afraid, and this book didn’t disappoint.

Rose reminded me so much of myself, it made me feel half of the times irked, and the other half ecstatic. I know I can relate to many female leads in the books I read, but Rose Bellingham seriously was my fictional self, no kidding! Her need for freedom, how she had a sixth sense in certain things, the way she couldn’t pursue her dreams because those close to her thought arts would never bring her monetary profit, how she continuously rejected her own desires because she couldn’t say no and defend her wishes and beliefs – and don’t get me started on her extreme (no matter how futile) efforts to keep Cab away even if she wanted him, because she needed to find herself and straighten her life first! Her whole personality screamed at me through the pages! The way she let her parents dictate her filled my heart with pure sympathy. All this made it impossible for me to hate her when she treated Cab the way she did. It was unacceptable, I’ll admit, and she was a real coward many times through the book, but she was just discovering how to be her own “boss”, so she could be excused for not knowing the right way to do it and to make Cab understand.

Speaking of Cab… Did I tell you he was my favorite guy since the first book of this series? Oh, I did?!

Well, he totally was. First of all, I love men that are so much larger than a woman – and I’m not talking about their beer stomachs, I’m talking about height, and big hands, and long, muscular legs, and strong backs with wide shoulders. And Cab was all that. It makes me feel so feminine – and I wasn’t even there, Rose was the one enjoying this hot sheriff’s attention! Another fetish of mine is a man in uniform or in a police position – which should worry me since I swore I would never look twice at a guy with the same occupation as my father, but whatever. Cab had that one, too. And a lot of other traits I simply find irresistible. He was always the one that talked less, and when it came to women, he was so shy and reserved and so far away from the spotlight, it was too cute to ignore. And in the sexual scenes, he was so talkative (damn, here comes another fetish!), yet still totally respectful of Rose, I had to dive for the tissues to stop my nosebleeds all the time!

Another character that is worth mentioning is Jason. While at first it was hard for me to even pity him because he was losing his girl and didn’t even know it, when the story came to its end, the poor bloke had me sympathizing with him. It would be nice to see him have his HEA, too, but, as Carl, he wasn’t one of the main guys, so I’m not putting my hopes up for it. Still…

Cora Seton has me completely hooked with her Chance Creek. I was never one for nature, and farm/ranch life, and all that, but I’m quickly changing my mind as I keep reading her books. It’s all about family and love in that town, and while it has its ups and downs, it sounds like a damn good place to go live. Her writing voice might have a lot to do with that. It’s her own, alright, but it does weird things to me, I tell you – like, make me wish for a ranch life, me, the ultimate anti-nature, 100% city girl! Her characters are all so different, and so real, and, as somewhat of a family saga, this series of hers is proving to be as heart-warming as coming home after a long, hard day would be – hell, it feels like home, too. Her sexual scenes never cease to impress me. Mrs. Seton doesn’t just write sex – she cuts and sews it to fit the respective main couple of each book. The act, even in its hottest parts, doesn’t feel dirty at all. It’s hot and yet romantic, without being sappy, and it never gets repeating. It’s equally “old school courtship” and “new times passion”. Not to mention she’s very imaginative – her strip pool scene shows exactly that, and no, I won’t tell you anything more, other than it had me turning my heater off to stop myself from burning up.

I’m looking forward to reading the next books. The Matheson boys were not exactly my cup of tea – and heaven knows I want either Fila or Mia with Ned to teach the freaking brute some gentleness – but I’m dying to know what this writer will come up with next. Now that she even added some gunfight action, I know that she can do anything!


***I was given an ARC from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. The opinion stated in this review is solely mine, and no compensation was given or taken to alter it.***