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“I love you, angel. It’s the one thing I remember without a doubt.” – Shane Dean

One of these days, I swear, all this uniformed male population that I “force” myself to read about will be the end of me… I suspect it will be an end much appreciated!

Josie Dean hasn’t forgotten her husband – nor has she forgiven him. The guy just left her alone, with no explanation whatsoever, two months after they got married, and now, two years later, he thinks they can pick up where they left off? No way! As soon as Shane gets his memories back, he’ll leave again, anyway, so why not leave him first this time around? But Shane doesn’t agree with the plan at all. He may not remember anything before the time he woke up with amnesia in a hospital bed, but all his instincts call for him to keep this angel he calls wife as safe and as close as possible. Will they manage to give their marriage a second chance? Or will the truth about Shane’s true identity tear them apart once more?

Usually, in series and family sagas, I don’t like the first male lead. Well, while in this case, Shane’s big brother, Matt, intrigues me more, I have to admit that I wasn’t disappointed when it came to him, either. Shane is like this big, protective puppy. I think, as Josie later in the book realized, this was because of his amnesia – it made him vulnerable at times, and had him trying to keep control of his dark and needy side, though his attempts were futile. I loved how he couldn’t even remember what kind of food he liked, but the minute his wife was in danger, he instantly switched to protector mode without questioning it. And God help all female readers when that man turns on the charm – Josie fought him off very well, but the man was really something when he let his dominant side come out to play, so I don’t blame her for losing every time, at least she put up a good fight. Also, what I came to enjoy in this male lead was the fact he blushed when he became aroused. Finally! I thought only women were capable of blood circulation to more parts than their genitals with the way all writers refuse to write a guy flushed during the act – heaven forbids a man actually has colored cheeks while he’s busy showing what a beast he is in bed! *gasps* Thankfully, Mrs. Zanetti ignored this cliche and made sure to show that Shane was human, too, despite his many differences to a normal human being.

Josie… Oh, Josie, darling, how did you know badass heroines are my favorites?! You naughty girl, you had me hooked the very minute I realized you pretty much didn’t need Shane to get out of sticky situations. No emotional meltdowns, no girly-kitty-bitchy antics, and no damsel-in-distress – Josie didn’t need any guy to save her, she was busy doing all the saving herself! I mean it, the woman got kidnapped so many times in the book, and all the time, she did 90% of the job alone, and let Shane take care of the little details that needed a man’s rough touch. She didn’t back down, and she didn’t deny still loving him, either – which makes her attitude towards Shane even more understandable, since it was based on survival instincts. And once Josie loves, she loves with all her heart, I can guarantee that. She instantly adopts Shane’s brothers as her family, and she has no trouble playing either the doting female, or the badass hellcat, depending on what the moment needs her to be. Oh, and did I mention she kicks some serious ass? Because she totally does!

But this is not just your typical military romance. Shane and his brothers are more than just super awesome, specially trained soldiers. And the suspense and action take equal parts of the book in this story. They blend together so well, it’s impossible to imagine one without the other. Also, it reminds me of a manga I love to death, called Dogs:Bullets & Carnage – where one of the protagonists is a genetically enhanced super soldier, created by a psycho lady scientist who has abused him to the point his whole view on the female gender has become way too twisted (though Heine Rammsteiner got gynophobia from all this, but you get the concept). I can’t wait to read the other two books – or, three, if my cousin’s theory regarding the fourth brother, Jory, is correct. Speaking of other books, Mattie’s story is next – and I have a feeling the first brother will be my kind of man, just you wait!

Mrs. Zanetti, thank you for introducing me to the Sin Brothers, and for gifting those delicious Alpha males to us female readers!

“I love you. I always have.” – Josie Dean


***I was given an ARC from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. The opinion stated in this review is solely mine, and no compensation was given or taken to alter it.***