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“So this is what it feels like… Circenn. I love you.” – Lisa Stone

I often ask my dear mother if, perhaps, I was born in the wrong side of the world – a personal joke at my own misery, as I sometimes find myself behaving and thinking very differently from the people of my country. Still, it’s hilarious how Moning has made me question even the timeline – perhaps it’s not the country I live in, but the era? Who knows? One thing’s for sure, her Highlanders so far – Hawk always excepted – are nothing short of delicious!

Circenn Brodie, a Highland laird that has lived way more than any mortal would have been able to, has a dark side he’s not very proud of. In order to keep it in check, he has sworn a list of oaths – and since Circenn is a true warrior, he never breaks an oath. But all this changes when he curses a flask vital to the Tuatha Dé Danann, and Adam Black, the Black Elf, forces him to swear yet another oath: he must kill the mortal whose hands will make the curse work. Circenn obeys, only to find out he can’t bring himself to honor his word when the curse finally works. The unfortunate mortal in question is a young woman from the 21st century, who has suffered many miseries in her short life so far, and who poses a different kind of threat than any other possible candidate of this awful position – she makes his heart beat in a rhythm that can very well cause him to break his oath. Lisa Stone has had a life no one would envy. Her father has died, her mother is sure to follow very soon, and she works two jobs just to make ends meet. Travelling back in time was not in her immediate plans, and this dark yet handsome warrior who is supposed to kill her certainly makes things worse – as if she needed more drama… Will Circenn break his oath to keep the only woman who’s made him truly feel alive by his side? And how will Lisa go home, before her mother dies, to at least say goodbye?

What better way to make an old-fashioned woman melt than a good man, who’s hell bent in keeping his word no matter what? Screams “honorable knight” to me quite clearly. Alright, I’ll admit I didn’t want him to keep his oath about killing Lisa… Or the one about intimacy, because, heck, why give me a brooding hot Scot and not give me some sexy scenes to drool over? I seriously have to check for therapy, by the way, because my obsession with brooding, grumpy fictional guys is just not normal – or healthy, God help me if I decide to follow that obsession and marry someone like that. Anyway, while Grimm in the 2nd book was wonderful, I felt that Circenn ranked a level higher than that. Maybe it was his grumpy, dark looks – sort of like NR’s Grant Campbell, one of my personal favorites. And despite the dangerous aura than only Lisa seemed to be getting, the man was pretty much all bark and no bite. Once he stopped being afraid of what he was, though, he honestly became one damn tempting piece of male dominance and sinful fantasies! The way he kept describing in perfect detail what he wanted to do to Lisa had me gasping like a virgin in heat – which, to my defense, is true, but is rarely obvious, so you can imagine my surprise at Circenn of all people bringing that side of me out in the open. The only problem was when he got too daring in his approach – using the “back door” without permission is a definite no-no, pal, and no, I don’t care how much of a prude that makes me, buttsex is ALWAYS a turn-off for me, period. Things should NEVER enter the body from that place – unless we’re talking about colonoscopy or other medical reasons, then I’m game. Fortunately, there is no other scene with that kind of atrocious act, so I won’t complain any longer. The fact he thought intimacy comes with trust, and he refused to have sex just for the sake of it compensated well enough, too.

Lisa, on the other hand, never did anything I might disagree with, or do anything stupid. And to think that she didn’t go to any fancy college, well, that goes to show that great education doesn’t always make someone smart, you have to be a natural to really think. While she didn’t compare with Jillian St. Claire, Lisa still was a far cry from the weakling, indecisive idiot that was Adrienne from the 1st book. And she had even more tragedies in her life, so how cool does that make her? Though, between you and me, if her parents were a little bit mature and responsible, none of this would have happened. Honestly, her moter refuses to go have her damn PAP test, and she gets cancer – stupid parent #1. Her father has his head up in the clouds, doesn’t take care of life insurance – or mobile vehicle security – and the only thing he thought of asking when he was told his cars were stolen was if his wife had really checked, as if two huge metal machines can actually get lost that easily – stupid parent #2. See what I mean? It’s a miracle Lisa managed to be so responsible with those two fools needing some parenting themselves…

There were also many more freaking awesome things in this book. Duncan and Galan Douglas being two of them. Duncan was so funny in his skirt-chasing ways, and I would have loved to see if he ever managed to convince dear Elizabeth to give him a chance – not that I would have blamed the lass if she didn’t, the man had been in more holes than my poor usb flash drive… As for Galan, God, I do wish he finds someone clever enough to see the man under the strategist’s face. I dare say he was my favorite of the Douglas brothers – there we go, again, another quiet and brooding male. Can we pretty please send Ruby back for him or him in the future for her? My mind is stuck on that impossible ship that makes no sense to anyone else but me, I’m afraid…

The Highlander’s Touch was by far an excellent read – certainly much better than the first two books of the series. But there’s still something missing, and I’m seriously confused as to what on Earth is not doing it for me in this series. I think in this case the end sort of ruined it – too perfect, too convenient, too easy. Almost like Moning was rushing things to be done with it.

Let’s hope I can finally find that missing detail I need for the five cupcakes in the next book…

“I would not have had it come out like this — not now, when I have no choice but to race off to battle. You must believe that I have never lied to you, Lisa. Believe in me and await my return. I promise we will speak of it all then. I will answer any questions you have, explain everything. I love you, lass.” – Circenn Brodie