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Wash your hands and sit down, ladies, for the sweetest book you’ve ever read! One taste from it can make you swoon – reading all of it is bound to make you fall in love!

Andrea Lovette, manager of Big Sky Pie, sure knows how to pick men. Mother of two sons, the business-like blondette always goes for the bad boys, the ones who are not interested in anything more than a roll in the hay. But no more. Andrea is now out for a husband, someone who can be a good father for her boys. And Ice Erickksen is not such a man… Ice, the TV producer responsible for the Big Sky Pie reality show, would be eager to agree. His own parents showed him that there’s no such thing as a successful marriage, and he’s not willing to personally experience it anytime soon. Casual flings is all he can offer, and he knows that Andrea is not the kind of woman to accept these terms. Both of them know they’re wrong for each other. So then why can’t they get their bodies – and hearts – to get the hint?

Though Delightful was the third book to a series – and I haven’t read the other two, yet – it wasn’t hard to grasp what was going on or love the many characters and background. Admittedly, Kalispell is a really homey place, and the main cast – with Molly McCoy being the shining star! – is a definite keeper. Not to mention there’s pie – and lots of it! Who doesn’t love pie? Mix it with scorching hot and sweet romance, and you have the best recipe for success!

(oh, it really was, darlin’, trust me! served on Ice’s pants made it worth double extra!)

Now, what confused me a lot with this book was the fact that, while I found Ice to be a wonderful example of the male species – physically speaking -, I found Andrea even better. I usually have this thing where I cheer for one main character – or both, though it’s rare – and the one who wins me over is almost always the guy. I know, I know, there’s no excuse. I can’t resist. (or it could be the fact that I’m thinking the same way guys do 90% of the time, so I sort of get what they have to live through when the heroines start bitching)
But in this case, I was an Andrea fan. Right from the very start. She’s used in making the wrong choice when it comes to picking lovers – though I think that there was too much emphasis on that trait of hers, to the point of getting tiring after some part of the story – , yet she tries to learn from her mistakes. Not that it’s easy, or that she’s succeeding. Apparently, the woman has enough self-knowlege to admit that only bad boys can do the trick “lose your clothes in the blink of an eye” and not fail. She knows that, which is good, and she at least gives it her best shot in trying to find a father for her boys. Here’s a mother who doesn’t care if she will never get sexually satisfied again, as long as her sons are happy and loved. That’s an act of true self-sacrifice, people, if I ever saw one. Her instant attraction to Ice sort of bothered me, because it didn’t feel real, but hey, this is a romance novel, we can’t have them dancing around each other, otehrwise there would be no story, right? I also enjoyed seeing a fictional woman REALLY put her foot down and be strong against her own desires for the sake of her kids. To deny the man that makes her tingle inside – the man she may have fallen in love with – because of her parental duty, because she knows he’s not right – as he is at first – for Lucas and Logan. And holy crap, yes, FINALLY a woman who doesn’t try to make excuses for the way her lover’s parents treated him! Every main heroine always had to be this good Samaritan, pure and kind, who would tell the main hero that he needs to forgive the parent(s) who made his childhood a living hell, to be the better person. Nope, not Andrea! She all but snaps when Ice tells her about his younger years, and she’s positively feral at what his parents did to him. *sighs* I think I’m gonna faint for the much-needed realistic dose given through Andrea here!!!

Now, Ice, on the other hand (and btw, what’s with the name? why change such a wonderful name into something like THAT?!)… I didn’t like him. Not one bit. It’s rare, because, physically, he sounded exactly like my type. But on the inside… The guy came off as a jerk from line one. It didn’t help that he thought of Andrea as a mere piece of ass. I understand and completely accept that a player might not be thinking of church bells when he sees a woman, but even so he doesn’t go around being such a pig – at least not in the romance genre. While it was realistic, it ruined his image long before he managed to make it look good for us. It wasn’t so much because of his thoughts – OK, not all of it, at least. It was the fact he was ruthless in the way he treated the whole world, too. When you see a womanizer in a book, you will either hate him or love him – hate him if he’s one of the “bad guys” and love him if he’s one of the “good guys” who just likes jumping from bed to bed. Because then you know that, at least on some level, he has morals. But Ice showed a completely douche-like side from the beginning! It made it hard to sympathize with him, and, despite the hot lovemaking he and Andrea got into, had me shamelessly happy every time she would do or say something that would hurt him. Every time she told him she was looking for a husband and then immediately reassured that he wasn’t in her list of choices, I got a sick thrill of satisfaction watching him get offended or squirm. Served him right. I get where he’s coming from, but his past still didn’t make me like him one bit. I guess my judgemental bitchy side came out to play again…
Still, I admit that I felt sorry for him as a boy. And cursed that damn school counselor to hell and back – what a fool, honestly!

However, no matter my instant dislike for Ice, I couldn’t help but be dragged into the story. Going with its flow, worrying about those blueberries, and all sorts of things that the characters did, it was hard to put it down – proven by the fact that I managed to finish reading it in a couple of hours! Sweet as Molly’s caramel apple pie and as hot as said pie fresh from the oven, Delightful is sure to make you crave some pie and sexy lovemaking! The way it ends has you wishing for seconds, because who doesn’t love it when the main couple gets to repeat their catastrophe of a first meeting with better results?

So, bring your appetite with you and come have a taste! You won’t be disappointed!


***I was given an ARC from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. The opinion stated in this review is solely mine, and no compensation was given or taken to alter it.***