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“Seeing my parents’ dysfunctional relationship left me feeling impaired, but I moved past it.Then between the force accusing me of being a corrupt cop and Lisa walking out… I put up barriers. It seemed logical that if I didn’t want to feel that way, all I had to do was not let people get close. You managed to break through those barriers. And now I love you. You know all my flaws. You get along with my crazy family. Both my real family and the friends. You make me laugh and… And I love your cat, too.” – Tyler Lopez

Talk about he-geek finds she-geek in this amazing book that follows the story of three PI partners and best friends, in Christie Craig’s hotter than hell Texan romance series!

Tyler Lopez, the geeky one of the PI trio, knows all too well how foolish it is to trust your heart and not your mind. True love is rare, and with his screwed up genes, statistics show he’s not someone who can find – let alone keep – it. Betrayed by both the force and the woman he thought was his other half, he knows better than to let his heart be involved again. But, protecting Zoe Adams has him second-guessing his decision to keep his heart out of the bedroom. Because being around the redhead who claims is the dead Bradford heiress, makes him want to seek second chances at forever. Zoe always thought there was something off with her. She was so different than her parents, both in looks and other aspects, it was hard to fit in. Not to mention her nightmares – that always felt more like memories. Now she thinks she might have finally found out why – and who she really is. But her search of her true identity puts her in danger – and she’s been lied to a lot to easily trust the hot bookworm who took it upon himself to keep her safe.

What’s not to love about a guy who’s got both the looks and the brains? Man, I love me some geeky ex-cop PI – in other words, helloooo there, Tyler~

If for some unknown reason I didn’t predict he was gonna be my favorite of the trio, then shame on me! I take full responsibility for being blindsided and not seeing it sooner. The guy was smart as shit, had manners, was funny and witty, knew how to respect a woman – or make her lose her clothes, and fast – and had a body to die for – and effing hell, when he opened his sweet mouth and spat out Spanish words, I swear I creamed my panties! Not to mention, I enjoyed reading his thoughts. Yes, he was making one mistake after the other when it came to Zoe, but damn, I can’t say I didn’t get the reason why. I’m a “mind knows better than heart” gal, too, after all. So where can I find me some of that? Preferably, with the same kind of whacko family and circle of friends, please!

Zoe was pretty cool, too. I loved how she defended him to his ex-colleagues, and how she could spar with him on equal mental ground. And she was no drama queen, so bonus points for the girl! Also, Strip Scrabble? Hell, I might just try that game myself one day. Certainly sounds better than strip poker or strip pool!

This book was so much better than the first one. Not only because of the couples that got together, but also because of the story development. Considering DeLuna, the main villain that the guys are trying to take down, there’s not much here to read, but Blame It on Texas serves as an excellent filler for the big finale that will come in the final book. It provides Tyler with his own leading lady, FINALLY answers the big “what if” question mark on Rick and Ellen’s relationship, and shows exactly WHY the guys have to end DeLuna’s “career” as soon as possible. The way everyone treats them, how they whisper behind their backs, how they pretend to be sorry for not supporting them earlier, or how they plain tell them they still consider them guilty and don’t trust them, shows the reason this chase, despite Tyler and Dallas settling down, has to go on till the very end. They need to get their lives back fully, need to clear their names and stand proudly straight without anyone else judging them, and to do that, DeLuna has to go down – well, you won’t find a protester in me, that’s for sure. It was also much more intense than Dallas’s story – there we knew Nikki was innocent, we just needed to find out who was the real murderer. But here, Zoe’s identity – and the reasons behind all this mess – do not get clear until the book is almost over. There seems to be no obvious clue to hold on to, and that takes the suspense to a whole new level.

The only thing that bugged me was the way everyone treated Rick. Even when he sounded and acted like a dick at the first book and the beginning of the second, the guy didn’t deserve to be badmouthed like that. Hell, they didn’t even believe he had a son, and they had Ellen thinking he said it to get in her pants! And this was all on the ladies, they did all the damage here! My heart broke every time LeAnn or Nikki opened their mouth and tainted his reputation without fully knowing what they were talking about. Alright, LeAnn had her reasons for not liking him. But Nikki? Heck no! Woman, you can’t just prance around in the first book, claiming to never be one to make false assumptions just because someone said so – and let’s not forget that it was because of such assumptions that you almost did time! – and then instantly jump to conclusions the minute you’re safe and secured as Dallas’s significant other. Nuh-huh, no way, it won’t do… Thank heavens for small favors – particularly ones concerning Ellen’s brains that managed to kick in before she lost that keeper of a hunk!

Can’t wait to see DeLuna dead – or behind bars, though death would still not be enough for that piece of… work. And considering Austin is the real playboy of the group, I think I’m gonna enjoy it a little too much when he messes up with his own lady!

“I’m in love with you, by the way. And it’s not because of Ricky. I mean, I love that you helped me, but… it’s you. Everything about you. The way you approach life. I want you in my life.” – Rick Clark