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“You’re implying that you feel more for me than you really do. Well, I’m not here for what if’s! I’m here to take forever!” – Declan

Declan is one of Pandora’s Elite – a hunting force that is responsible of finding the evils Pandora once upon a time unleashed upon the world. He’s also a cryoman from Atlantis who has only one woman meant for him in the world – and this much-needed vacation may be his last chance to find her and convince her to be his forever. Well, he does find her, alright. But Ellie is way different than what he imagined. She’s fierce, and stubborn, and seems dead-set on avoiding him. But with Jealousy’s infected victim after her, she will have to depend on Declan and his team to keep her safe – and Ellie’s not sure she can protect her heart any longer from this strange and intense man’s charms. 

Jealousy’s Rage was a marvellous and yet cute read. It had just the kind of fantasy I like – give me Olympus gods and/or Atlantis and I’m a goner – and a really adorable hero to make you squeal. Wait, not hot? Hmmm, ok, Declan may be handsome, but he was more cute than he was sexy. He was this sweet, romantic guy who knew how to cook, made cocoa from scratch, had a knack for respecting the ladies, and wanted forever. Not just “wham bam thank you ma’am”, but real, true happy ever after. And he could use some kind of magic ice abilities. Mmmm, now where can I find a man like that, I wonder?

Which brings me to the thorn in this book’s side. Ellie. Or Eleora. Whatever… Can we please kill her? Oh, wait, if we do, Declan will be devastated… Damn! Why do nice, genuinely kind guys end up with the bitches? Do I have to make my bitchy side more dominant to get me one of those? Because seriously, Ellie took all my pet peeves – minus the blonde hair – and combined them into one deadly, awful package. Just when I started being happy for the fact the main heroine is a hurt brunette… Let’s see… She was judgemental, whined a lot, suffered from double personality disorder (I’m sure of it!), treated Declan like he was scum that dared to taint her new shoes, and generally spent her time making up extreme scenarios of betrayal on his behalf – scenarios that he never thought of, by the way! Nooo, what am I saying? The poor girl was hurt by men before, so she should be excused – the fact Declan was hurt by many women in the past was OF COURSE a scheme to earn him sympathy points so that he could get into her pants. And the fact he wanted forever HAD to make her panic, because how dare he catch her off guard when she knows he mustn’t mean it?

Hence, the four cupcakes. It could have been five, if not for Ellie’s existence. Such an awesome way to work around the legend of Pandora’s Box – there are simply not enough stories concerning that part of mythology, it’s nice to see one that has handsome Elite warriors trying to fix the mess, and who are not complete barbarians just because they don’t live among us. The humor was lively, and witty at times, and the action and fantasy were just enough to keep me reading even through Ellie’s part!



***I was given a review copy from a LibraryThing Member Giveaway in exchange for an honest review. The opinion stated in this review is solely mine, and no compensation was given or taken to alter it.***