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Her Perfect Mate (X-Ops, #1)

Ah… Shifters in literature… Always a girl’s joy to read about those. They’re those hot, sexy, OTT Alpha guys who can make you cream your panties at the mere mention of their name. Ho, boy…


This story’s main shifter character is not the guy. Nope. Nuh-huh.

Ivy Halliwell has lost two partners already – both from their own stupidity and their prejudice against her gender and her nature. Because Ivy is not just any DCO operative. She’s an EVA, a feline shifter, and an underestimated one at that. But her new partner is bound to change things – not only out in the field, but also in her personal life. Landon Donovan is every bit the man she could very well fall for. Strong, professional, hot and sweet – and, the most important of it all, he’s understanding and accepting. Plus, he seems like he wants her just as much as she wants him. Yet, the DCO rules are clear – no dating between the agents. How can they be together the way they want to when there are people in high positions that want the EVA program to get shot down – waiting for the right opportunity to get Landon and Ivy to fail? And even if they make it somehow, can they still survive the great danger that has risen and threatens the safety of both humans and shifters alike?

Ivy was not the usual main heroine. And I mean that in every sense. She was not whiny and she never acted like a spoiled child. And while we have seen many badass heroines so far, this one was different. She knew how to take care of herself – sometimes she was better at it than Landon – yet she was sweet when you came to know her personally. Playful, even. And very feminine and cute in her self-conscious ways that were the awful result of the poor way people around her treated her with.

Which is why Landon was perfect for her. An Alpha male that was comfortable in his masculinity to give the leading position to Ivy in missions, because he knew of and trusted in her abilities as a shifter that put her in a higher level from him – and he was man enough to not care, because he knew that either way, at the end of the day, he was the one wearing the pants in their relationship. This of course didn’t make him a wuss – on the contrary, I think he became even hotter when he did all those things.

As a couple, the two partners were freaking amazing! Screw-me-raw hot and mind-numbingly… right. And finally, we get to see the woman having to put up against the mating urges and taking cold showers because her lover smells like the most delicious treat – we knew it was real, we knew it could happen, and we finally get to witness it!

I can’t wait for Clayne’s story – well, at least, let’s hope the wolf the 2nd book’s title refers to is him. I want him to end up with Kendra so much, I nearly bit off my tongue begging the page to give me a small clue – just one! – as to how he felt towards her, but zero. None! And Declan, too! Oh, and I want to see a book for Angelo and Diaz and the rest of Landon’s previous team – but that’s just me and my fangirling, so I don’t think we’ll see much of that…



***I was given an ARC from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. The opinion stated in this review is solely mine, and no compensation was given or taken to alter it.***