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When you run from danger and end up being saved by the kindest and hottest man you’ve ever met, you know your luck is about to get better…

Delta Fox is a retired thief running from the Yakuza. Their boss has lost his son – to Delta’s ex-partner, Akeno, if the rumors are true. After they ended his life, the Yakuza believe it’s time she pays the price, too. So to escape the hands of her pursuers, especially a certain assassin, Kannon, Delta has made sure to never stay in one place for long, and trust no one. But there’s also one more thing she’s decided – she’s going to find the one responsible for framing her and Akeno, and make them pay. But luck was never on her side. Until she gets picked up in the middle of nowhere by an ex-stuntman, Brian Chance. Brian is used to being a stepping mat for beautiful and needy women, but against his better judgement, he just can’t let the petite blondette out of his sight. The danger she’s running from may not be the most appropriate to face for his safety, but he’s an adrenaline junkie, and he rather enjoys the rash – or so he tells himself. Still, when the Yakuza comes hitting his office’s door and those close to him get sucked in this mess, he will have to stop being so gentle with the exquisite thief he finds himself falling for, and force her to accept his help – and his heart, if he’ll have any say in it. Can a woman who has learnt to trust very few people and depend on even less find it in her heart to let go of her walls long enough for this sweet man to grab on tight? Or will the difference between their worlds be too much for her to let him get hurt?

Fox Hunt was a winner of a story, if I ever saw one. A heroine that is every bit a badass and a true damsel in denial of distress at the same time. A hero that for once is sitting back and letting the woman do the work – no matter how much he wished for the opposite -, providing support whether she admitted she needed it or not. Talk about a role reverse…

Delta was a heroine I rather enjoyed, despite the bitchy front she put on – the one that usually has me spitting fire towards a heroine’s direction. She had her issues, but can you blame her with the kind of past she had? And for all her harsh words and rude manners, the woman truly wished to keep Brian safe, and did the one thing she thought would work: tried to drive him away. See what I mean? She was thinking like a man in this relationship, which was perfect, given how much of a womanlike-thinker (is that even a word?) Brian was.

Ah, yes, Brian. I was serious, you know, about him thinking and acting like a woman. He was patient, pleasant 90% of the time, and kind to the point where his employees and Delta came to question if he perhaps has a few screws loose. But that doesn’t mean he was not a nice hot male. On the contrary, the happy-go-lucky, grown up kid did an 180 when it came to the bedroom parts of his relationship with Delta. Ordering, taking complete control, it was a true wonder to sit back and watch him change faces and take what he wanted between the sheets, and then get ordered around by Delta when they were talking business. A real knight in shining armor. I’m not a fan of his type, but I can’t say I was disappointed in how it all played out – I guess this is because of the balance kept thanks to Delta’s personality.

The story was fast-paced, most of the time, and rightly so. With the Yakuza after them and the clock ticking away, they couldn’t afford to sit back and relax – at least, that much Brian understood. It had a brilliant plot, too – up to the very last minute, I was guessing who was on their side honestly, and who was the true mastermind behind Matsuda’s son being killed. And with a cast of other characters – some of whom we’ll get the pleasure of seeing again in Gina’s story – I just can’t wait to pick up the second book! Gina is my favourite character, and hell if I don’t find Kannon as delicious as a chocolate ice cream during a hot summer noon!

S. M. Stelmack, I have nothing but the tip of my hat and a wish to see more of that amazing teamwork of yours in the future!



***I was given a free copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. The opinion stated in this review is solely mine, and no compensation was given or taken to alter it.***