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Eden's Fire

“I don’t want to live forever. I just want you. I love you.” – Eden

They say love can set the world on fire. Especially when it’s shared with the right man. But what happens when there is no right man – when, in his place, there’s the right god?

Eden is a young widow who is shunned by those around her, being framed as a witch because she was the lone survivor of an illness that took her family away. All alone, she is surprised when Tyondric, the God of Fire, answers her prayers and comes to her aid. She knows a god can only help a mortal once, but she can’t help but wish she could see him again, no matter how foolish her wish might seem. Ty on the other hand knows he must never visit the young woman again, but that doesn’t mean he won’t try. And now that he has proof that Eden is the Pure Soul, the one he must protect and help travel to the gate to Oria, the home of the gods, he will make sure he never leaves her side again. Because this young woman is the only one to make the God of Fire burn for mortality, if it means staying with her forever.

Talk about fiery hot! This book packed one hell of a punch, I’ll tell you that much. In such a small amount of pages, Samantha Holt managed to squeeze a love story, an epic quest, and mythology. And she didn’t disappoint in any of them. The romance was sizzling. The journey was full of surprises and dangers – and those little stolen moments we all anticipate in secret *wink* *wink*. And while the myths used were not something extravagant or unique, they sure served to give a better understanding of the book’s universe without dumping information that would only slow the pace down.

Her main characters were real, with depth, and showed growth that one can only find miraculous in so few pages – and yet it was flawless. Eden was a wonderful main heroine anyway, but she progressed further than that, as she had flaws she needed to take care of. Her trust issues, how she always thought she would end up alone again no matter how many times Ty told her – straight in her face – that he would be with her no matter what. And Ty was so adorable in his dorkiness. A god that could do anything he wanted, yet he was so shy and awkward at times, it was beyond endearing. Like a child that knows all the secrets of the world, but has never experienced them personally. It was cute and hot at the same time. And he, too, developed as a character, came to know more, to understand morality and self-sacrifice better – as well as how powerful he was sexually, for which we shall forever be grateful!

While it was not hinted whether there will be another book connected to this, I would very much like to see Ty’s brothers fall in similar romantic shenanigans. Especially Lysandros. I shamelessly admit that while Ty was every bit a delicious hunk of a god, I was mesmerized by his brother’s brief appearance in the story. Does anyone think Ms. Holt will be kind enough to provide us readers with more of those juicy brothers if we beg and add puppy eyes for effect? I’m even willing to grovel if that’s what it takes!



***I was given an ARC from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. The opinion stated in this review is solely mine, and no compensation was given or taken to alter it.***