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Dragon Knight's Sword (Order of the Dragon Knights, #1)

“No matter what, Brigid O’Neill, do not forget ye are now mine. I will protect ye, always. Ye have my heart, leannan. What ye do with it is up to ye.” – Duncan Alexander Mackay

Yes, I do love me some hot Highlander action. No, I’m not ashamed to admit it! And if any of you people know how to appreciate hot sex, with wonderful legends and fast-paced action, then you can understand why I found myself loving this book!

Duncan Mackay commited a terrible crime – on sacred ground, no less! So he and his brothers are stripped of their honor as Knights of the Dragon Order, and the relics they once protected are scattered across time and space. To get them back, they must solve the riddle the Guardian gave them, and cleanse their hearts from the dark hatred that caused all this. Brigid O’Neill is an antique store owner, and all is well with her life, until a sword is mysteriously delivered to her door. She doesn’t know who sent it, or what the enigmatic note that accompanies it means, but she’s determind to find out. Even if that means she has to travel back in time, and heal a stubborn Knight that believes he has lost all rights of redemption.

I believe the rating speaks for itself, but then again, I AM known for my obsession to state my opinion on almost everything, so let’s take a closer look to the things that made this book pretty much awesome!

As I said above, the book is full of action and legends – and whenever we talk legends, there’s bound to be some magic!Dragon Knight’s Sword played expertly with some of the most loved myths of Scotland – where it takes place. Like the Tuatha de Danann, or good ol’ Nessie. It also had the all-too-loved time travel trip as a plot point. While it can be considered cliché, it’s also a trick that never disappoints, as long as the writer knows what they’re doing – and oh, does Mary Morgan know what she’s doing…. Modern clothing driving a medieval man insane with hot desire, knightly and brute manners making a modern lass melt, well, it’s no wonder this was one recipe destined to succeed. Morgan took all the postitive aspects of each timeline, and put them together in a magnificent cocktail!

Of course, that’s also because of the carefully planned plot. The story leaves nothing out or behind, which explains its length, and it follows the basic romance formula perfectly. The conflict the main characters had to go through, the decision to be together, only for the villain to pull them apart… It was perfectly orchestrated, without seeming forced, and it goes to show how good the next books will be, if the level of storytelling is already this high from the first book! Not to mention Duncan and Brigid, who were not just freaking amazing people as individuals, they were also a great duo – when these two came together, as a team, there was nothing to fear. They argued most of the time, but this only added to the sexual tension, so all’s good.

Speaking of sexual tension, the love scenes were hot hot HOT! Duncan was such a sensual being, he could make even a single glance or kiss seem like what magazines like COSMOPOLITAN consider ultimate seduction. And I think the fact that Brigid was such a strong, independent woman worked really well with that. If she was any weaker in will, and surrendered so easily, she wouldn’t be an equal match for Duncan.

My only problem was the fact that Morgan went a bit overboard with the use of Scottish words. Once in a while is always nice, but in most sentences spoken by a Scottish person in the book? That was too much even for me… Other than that, it almost reached perfection.

That being said, I can’t wait to read Stephen’s story. Something tells me that will be my favorite brother, haha! I always went for the weirdest ones anyway~

“I love you, Duncan. It was simple. I could not choose and existence in my time without you.” – Brigid Moira O’Neill


***I was given an ARC from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. The opinion stated in this review is solely mine, and no compensation was given or taken to alter it.***