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Romancing Rosalie - A Cascade Creek Christmas (Historical Western Romance)

Short, sweet, adorable!

Rosalie Weld and Marshall Garrett Ballinger haven’t met under the best circumstances. Rosalie was fleeing Boston after her fiancé’s mistress is rumored to be pregnant with his child – a mistress she didn’t know even existed, one that the so-called fiancé is not willing to give up, either. Garrett was thrown out of a brothel, nearly knocking her out. She knows she doesn’t need any more womanizers like her ex in her life. But is Garrett all that she made him to be? And what happens when they end up spending a snow storm together?

Romancing Rosalie was just the read I needed now that the summer days are over, and it’s getting colder each week. Hot coffee in hand, warm blanket around me, it was really nice to have a cute Christmas romance to read. It wasn’t fast, and it was way too predictable, but it was still appreciated.

Rosalie was one of those females that you can’t help but adore. She was sweet, and she tried to stand on her own two feet, without being too much of a tomboy – which would have been unrealistic for someone of her upraising. She was a true lady, and one that, despite soft-spoken, didn’t take flaws like adultery lightly just because it was expected of her. She was hurt from being cheated on, and she understandably became cautious of men, but not in a way that would have made others pity her as a victim. In other words, her dignity was her most positive trait.

Garrett, too, was a main hero really well-crafted. He was an Alpha male, but not in a bold way – you know, the animal-like resemblance that makes Alphas bang their fists on their chests like King Kong? Instead he was patient, understanding, and romanced Rosalie to the point where I nearly got glued in my chair from the sweetness! That, of course, didn’t mean he was a wuss. When his woman needed him, he took the lead, and he was mighty fierce when he was in protective mode. Plus, any man who can make love like that, is allowed any kind of corny and cheesy actions, I say.

Now that I’ve read about Rosalie, I’m really curious about how Audra and her husband met. I read somewhere she was a gun-wielding, capable woman, so I think I’ll make sure to read that book, too!


***I was given an ARC from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. The opinion stated in this review is solely mine, and no compensation was given or taken to alter it.***