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Desert Bound (Cambio Springs Book #2)


Oh, dear God, how on Earth did I manage to miss this series from Mrs. Hunter? I have some of her titles in my to-read list, and yet I still didn’t know Cambio Springs existed!

There’s no excuse. I’ve been a baaaad reader – but fate seems to like me these days, because not only did it bring me up to date, it gifted me with the pleasure of finding out yet another fictional town full of individuals that I came to love!

Teodora “Ted” Vasquez has been burnt by one Alex McCann one too many times for her liking. Not only did the wolf shifter abandoned her once, he had the nerve to do it again. Now the future alpha wolf claims he’s back to Cambio Springs for good, but the young doctor is hesitant to believe he’ll stay after he’s done building his spa resort, no matter what her friends tell her. Still, her cat seems to accept the male no matter the heartache he’s caused her, and the murder investigation they end up taking a part in doesn’t help her to keep her distance. Not to mention, everyone save for their families is hell bent on getting them back together. Will the hesitant cat and the persistent wolf be able to forget and forgive, and catch the killer they’re after? Or are their past mistakes – and clashing dominant personalities – too much for love to bloom again and them to solve this mystery?

I’ve said it multiple times, I just LOVE small towns. Especially ones with meddling folks like the ones in Cambio Springs. They’re simply adorable and hilarious, and it’s nice to see they care for their own. Now, add a small town where most of the popoulation is able to shift into animals, and the whole process can be described with these few words: Hook. Line. And Sinker.

Success, you just got youself a new fan!

It wasn’t just because the town folks were what I like to read in such books, though, and it wasn’t only because I like shifters way too much for my own good. It was also because I couldn’t find a single main character that I disliked. Not. Even. One.

First of all, I love big friendly groups like the ones Alex and Ted had. Unique individuals, all sticking together through the good and the bad. (also, allow me to fangirl a bit about Ollie, because I would jump on that hot piece of man and never let go!) Ready to pummel whoever threatens one of them, and having fun while at the same time trying to keep themselves from meddling in each other’s love life – and failing miserably! I thought at some point they were adding up, and that I wouldn’t be able to give my mental reader’s love to all of them, but I was wrong – I don’t think this writer could write a character being in the group of good guys and not make them loveable as hell!

And since we’re talking characters, let’s focus a bit on the main couple. Alex and Ted, Ted and Alex – boy, those two are hotter than a burning stove and sexier than most shifter couples I’ve read about! Not only were they both dominant, they were madly in love and couldn’t even find the right way to show or tell it. If the figurative “pants” in their relationship were literal, they would tear them apart by tugging at them, trying to compete on who would wear them first. I simply can’t resist such couples. Seeing them both try to dominate the other, failing, and not giving a damn about it, was beyond thrilling – and made for a book full of sexual tension and witty banter that you just can’t help but adore, asking for seconds. And that goes on till the very end of the book!

Characters, though, are not the only aspect that makes a good book. You also need a good plot, and the writer needs to have a good voice. No need to worry about the latter, as Hunter’s talent is shown easily from the first chapter on that matter. As for the first, well… Let’s just say that I’ve never felt as hooked by a mystery as this one – and I have read my fair share of murder-solvings and all that, mind you. Up until the last moment, you don’t know who the hell to suspect, despite being given so many clues. Plus, the pace was a brilliance all in itself. Picking up or slowing down at the most suitable moments – it made it impossible for me to even take a break. (I’m not kidding, I spent the whole night glued on my chair, reading. By the time I finally got up, it was 9 in the morning!)

Read the book. Soak it up. You’ll be sure to come back, anxious to read the next one, just you wait!

Elizabeth Hunter, may you never lose that storytelling gift of yours – it’s truly a blessing to the world!



***I was given an ARC in exchange for an honest review. The opinion stated in this review is solely mine, and no compensation was given or taken to alter it.***