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Parker's Passion (Tryst Island, #6)

Yes! YESSS!!! Now THAT was what I’ve been waiting for since the first book of the series!

Kaitlin Stringer is the psychic of the group of friends that spend their days off at Tryst Island. She’s not a woman who can tolerate getting physically close to men, not after that incident at a frat party years ago. Back then, she was rescued by a male that she came to call her hero. And now, years after that, her hero is back – and staying right next to her friends’ cabin! Parker Rieth knows passion can lead to catastrophes – it hurts people, controls people, brings people down in general. He’s vowed to never give in to his own passion for those reasons, but a certain red-headed angel he meets might be a real problem for his ability to hold back. Can they get over their past experiences and heal each other? Or will they remain two broken people, forever doomed to be alone?

I may not have read all of the Tryst Island books, I’ll admit that much. But, considering the two I have read, this one was by far the best! It was a true wonder, with a wonderful love story between two people that are too scarred and scared to let someone in – to let anyone come close enough to see what they consider to be a mark that shows the world their past weaknesses. And while to some this may sound problematic and bothersome, I found it to be a delight to read about.

I will not rant about Kaitlin being an awesome heroine sent from Heaven, just so you know, but she was. Never whining, never bitching, never doubting Parker – ok, that one time didn’t count. You may think this makes her weak and too much of a victim, but I beg to differ. No, Kaitlin was pretty strong in character, and had a backbone and a cruel side to be feared. But she was reasonable and always tried to judge others fairly – plus, if you have the gift to “read” people, it would be stupid of you not to use it, right? She completely understood Parker, didn’t push him, didn’t try to change him. And while any other woman in her place would have flipped and called the man all kind of names under the sun because of his line of work, she trusted in him enough to see that some things were out of his control, and he didn’t want others to get hurt from his actions.

Parker has to be my favorite of all the guys so far. Not bossy. Nothing like the “I’M DA MAN, HEAR ME ROAR” crap most of the times we’re forced to read about when it comes to main heroes – yes, I understand we like Alphas, but sometimes it just gets to be too much. Parker was… well, Parker. Scarred – in more ways than one – and frightened to reach to another person. A man strong and attractive and successful, that was freaked out of his mind any time someone tried to make him take his shirt off. He was like a big child, in need of love, and yet too shy to ask, for fear of looking like a burden. It was pure awesomeness watching him open up, little by little, with Kaitlin, I swear it was tugging at my heart strings all the time! The fact he was strong enough to defend those around him only made the package even more droolworthy, probably because, despite his strength, he chose to be gentle to everyone.

What bothered me a bit was Drew – no, not the way he was written as a character. His… type gets on my nerves. The fact he just couldn’t get it through his thick head that Parker was IT for Kaitlin was just too annoying for my taste – damn, and I really liked Drew the most out of that group… Oh, well, let’s hope he finally got the message – and that there will be a book for the hot-headed fireman to find the right lady for him!


***I was given an ARC from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. The opinion stated in this review is solely mine, and no compensation was given or taken to alter it.***