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Saving the Hero (Saving the Hero, #1)

I think I could probably give an entire review for this one using only gifs. But I won’t. Or, rather, I’ll try not to…

Kassy has been a vampire hunter for so long, it’s basically the only thing she has going on in her life. When a certain killing goes wrong thanks to Mike, a curious and slightly drunk veteran, her somewhat “neat” life becomes even more complicated. With Mike bitten and already in the process of becoming a vampire himself, and a child in the same position, as well, Kassy will have to keep them both captive and under extreme surveillance in order to make sure they can stay human – and if they can’t, it’s her job to take them out. But what happens when the hunter starts having feelings for the monsters they’re supposed to get rid of?

Oh, this book was one serious case of expecting so much and getting so little… At first, I got intrigued. Not only by the blurb – the beginning was rather catchy, too. It certainly kept me turning pages. And when I finally got to the point where Kassy and Mike started having all that sexual tension, I was practically on the verge of gluing my butt on th chair to make sure I could sit still.

And… Yeeaaah…. This is where the book lost me…

See, sexual tension is nice. Heck, it keeps me on the edge of my seat, makes my heart beat fast and gets my panties in a twist – so to speak. But is it so much to ask for something more? I mean, really, all this build up only to be given a couple of kisses – if at all?

I have nothing against the characters – in fact, I enjoyed the fact the quiet force in this case was the male lead, while the female was more of a… brute, in a way of speaking. But it still couldn’t help with all the frustration I felt as the story kept reaching the end and I still hadn’t gotten to read some action in the romantic department! Unless Kassy’s story is ongoing, in which case, oh, God, why?

How on Earth did I not realize this any sooner? Especially with my love for sagas focusing on different leads? Argh!

As a result, while the story itself had good bases to form something interesting, the romantic department brought the story down in rating – no kidding…

I don’t think I will be reading any future books of this series – it was good while it lasted, but Ms. Sumsion, I guess we are not meant to be. It’s not you, it’s definitely me!



***I was given an ARC from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. The opinion stated in this review is solely mine, and no compensation was given or taken to alter it.***