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Winters Heat (Titan, #1)

“Mia, I’ve needed you my whole life. I said it, and I meant it. But I couldn’t handle it, so I screwed up. You opened my eyes. I didn’t know how to need something, like I need you. But if I had you, then lost you, I’d never survive.” – Colby Winters

Good Lord, I think my obsession with military studs is obvious to anyone who knows me, but I fear that the Titan boys have raised my standards to a level that will be hard to reach – so beware, fictional military hotties that I have yet to meet, you’ll have to work hard to impress me!

When Colby Winters was ordered to secure a package of utmost importance, he didn’t expect acting as psychologist Mia Kensington’s personal bodyguard slash babysitter to be part of his job description. Yet the guarded blondette seems to be pulling more than just his libido to stand at attention near her. With this woman, Winters finds himself needing things he never once considered possible in his line of work. But how can you have the one thing you’re sure you don’t deserve? Well, he has time to figure that out – he has to make sure she stays safe and away from her pursuers first, anyway.

Let me make one thing clear. As a reader that considers steamy romance to be her own version of social life, I have every and any right to fangirl over Winters – or men like him, in general. Though I’m more of a Jared girl myself – yes, once again, the gruff macho guy stole my heart! – Winters and his buddies really had me drooling. A family-like group, playing with guns and grenades and acting like teenagers in meetings – what’s not to like? They’re like a walking oversized bag of treats, don’t you think?

Since this is Winters’s book, let’s focus on him. Winters was your regular military hot dude who would tear the world apart if it means protecting the ones he loves. He’s like a big, softie dog who thirsts for hugs and family hearth. And if I may agree with Mia on one thing? A guy’s hotness instantly breaks through the roof when he holds a baby, period. Besides, if said guy can also carry you on his shoulder – oh, Neanderthal ways, how terrribly thou are underestimated – it shows he does have the power, but CHOOSES not to use it that way…
Still, one cannot argue that dear ol’ Winters was not exactly perfect. It’s almost laughable how so many fictional men like him try to push away their women because they think it’s what will keep them safe. I guess it’s a good thing that Mia, despite her girlie nature at times, wasn’t one to take such crap from anybody, otherwise Winters would have stayed forever alone…

Speaking of Mia, she was cute and badass at the same time. No, I’m not talking about kicking the bad guys’ butts. I’m talking about the fact she could hold her own in and against a group of muscular and huge guys in order to not only survive, but also make sure her man was safe by her side. And she did it all without having to pull any martial arts moves, through the power of her own will and her mind. Goes to show that a woman doesn’t have to crack heads to be tough..

As for the plot, I swear, I’ve seen it before, but Harber has her own way to make something already seen appear new – she took the storyline, and pushed the fast forward button. Then, she placed a gum on said button for good measure. And there you go! A fast-paced, thrilling experience of a story, with hot sex on the side, and adorable moments in-between to have you going throough a roller-coaster of feelings and moods!

With this great and promising start to the series, I seriously can’t wait to get started on all the books of the Titan boys!

“I do love you. I love you so much it hurts, and I can’t breathe.” – Mia Kensington



***I was given an ARC from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. The opinion stated in this review is solely mine, and no compensation was given or taken to alter it.***