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How to Handle a Heartbreaker (The McCauley Brothers, #2)

“I may be a cheat, a liar, and a bunch of other things I’m never going to tell you about, but I’ll always be true to you. I love you. And I really, really want you to come live with me. If you play your cards right, you could be the lucky Mrs. Brody Singer. Unless, of course, you strike it rich. Then I’m okay to take your last name. Brody Dunn has a nice ring to it too.” – Brody Singer

Brody, Brody, Brody… Where, oh, where have you been, you mischievous, adorable cheat? I swear, I thought the McCauleys had looks and humor to offer, but dude, you just proved they can add heart and soul to the mix, too!

Brody Singer knows it’s wrong to obsess over Abby Dunn, one of his “adopted” brother’s neighbors. Not only does she look like Mike’s dead wife, she’s also too good for someone like him. But tell that to his libido… Abby, too, finds it hard to stay away from the “blonde McCauley”. He’s too handsome, too hot, too much of a ladies’ man – all the things she doesn’t need in her life. But when the plumber decides enough is enough and the writer needs some research material for her books, the two strike a deal: have fun, have sex, and stay buddies for the sake of their best friends that are now a couple. Simple, right? Whatever could go wrong? Still, lines are meant to get crossed, and rules are meant to be bent…

I deserve to be staked on a road sign for a forthnight, being forced to listen to Justin Bieber, for what I have done. I. Underestimated. A. Character. Why? WHY?!

How could I not predict what a stud and a freaking awesome guy Brody would be? I’m usually so in tune with these things – and yet, I thought I would have to deal with a blonde Flynn here. I kid you not, I actually opened the book and was like:

But I was wrong! So, so, soooooo deliciously wrong! (I’m actually moaning right now just remembering the story, cause it was that good!)

Brody turned out to be THE perfect guy – not just for Abby, I’m talking in general here. If I wasn’t that much of a Mike fangirl, I would have flipped the finger to the whole McCauley family for hiding such a gem in their close-knit circle! Romantic in a way that didn’t make it look cheap or fake. Sexy without being offending to his lady. Insatiable when it came to bedroom tactics. Handy with pretty much every part of his anatomy. Yep, that’s Brody summed up, a tall, golden wall of muscle – is it any wonder he considered himself a god? (alright, when it came to brains he wasn’t exactly a genius, but hey, we can’t have everything)

And contrary to Flynn, this brother was commitment-phobic for a reason. He had baggage – and I’m not talking about his huge-ass beast of a dog. His past was always catching up to him, and his self-confidence wasn’t very high, plus he kept seeing Abby as the embodiment of everything pure and innocent. But he did his best to cope and be composed – not that he managed till the very end. It was nice to see him acting like a prick to keep Abby away because he was scared and in pain.

Wait… What? Ooops, my inner masochist is showing her ugly head again…

Even so, I loved it! For once some true drama to get the main couple to stay apart, so that they can get together stronger than ever! (did that rhyme?)
The fact Abby was such an adult about it helped immensely, of course. Oh, yes, no fat tears and girlie depression tantrums like Maddie (thank you so much, Ms. Harte, I wouldn’t be able to survive more of that!). Not that she was not emotional. But the woman knew that acting like a schoolgirl who got her first rejection would not be to her advantage. Been there, done that, and Abby the Ultimate made her appearance, showing what a great character she was – depth, growth, strength, all the things needed in a solid lead, and she nailed them one by one!

But the magic of this book didn’t stop at the main couple – who were true bliss for the reader together! There was also a nice surprise for Mike – oh, yes, Mike, my love, don’t think I didn’t see that stunt you pulled with a certain you-know-who! Plus, we got to see our fair share of clues for the next book, which will be about the resident geniuses of the group. I can’t wait!

“I love you, Brody. With all my heart.” – Abby Dunn


***I was given an ARC from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. The opinion stated in this review is solely mine, and no compensation was given or taken to alter it.***