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Garrison's Creed (Titan, #2)

“Look, Nicola. Now’s the wrong time, I get that. But goddamn, woman, I’m the luckiest bastard alive. Getting to fall in love with you twice. Hell, I’ve never not loved you.” – Cash Garrison

Whoever said that second chances are meant only for couples that broke up? What if you had to leave the man you considered your soul mate to make sure he and your family are safe?

Nicola Hart had to walk out of her loved ones’ lives years ago. To make sure they were safe from the mobsters after her head, she faked her death and earned a new identity. Now, years after that dreadful event, Nicola Garrison is shocked to find her brother and his best friend, the one man she has ever oved, in the middle of her failed operation. Cash Garrison has always loved only one woman – everyone else after her meant nothing. But now the sniper of Titan sees things that can only belong in his wildest dreams! Can the girl he once loved still be somewhere in the tough woman he has to work with? What happens to two people meant to be together that find each other again after years of being apart – two people, that may not be the same as they used to be?

If you have read any of my reviews so far, you may have noticed that I’m not exactly fond of couples getting back together. In my – albeit inexperienced – opinion, what is torn apart should never be put back into one piece. But that’s just me and my eccentric ideas.

Still, even a cynical bitch like me couldn’t stay indifferent to Cash’s pain and Nic’s anxiety. I assure you, this was one of the few times where I didn’t mind a playboy for a male lead, an indecisive female for his other half, and a couple that broke apart and was trying to make it work again. Why? The answer is simple.

Apart from the fact that those two had so much chemistry they simply clicked theminute Nic made her debut appearance in the book, it was easy to see the romance working between them. It wasn’t just because they were once good together. It was because they were in sync, and their new, evolved – so to speak – older versions worked for both of them.

Now moving on to more specific grounds: Cash was a miracle! He may not be my most favorite of the group, but he was a real sweetheart. Romantic, overprotective, funny and hot when he demanded things, he was a true he-man. He was a ladies’ man in the previous book, but in this one, we got to experience just how hurt he was over Nic’s “death”. This wasn’t your typical “you’re the one for me, so I’m stopping chasing after skirts right this instant” scenario. In Cash’s case, Nic was always his IT. But seeing as she was “dead”, he had to try and move on. A dead lover and the emotional pain this brings – plus the fact you can’t really show it to the world, which honestly made me cry, btw – is a pretty good reason to become a bed hopper, if you ask me…

Another pet peeve of mine that didn’t bother me here was Nic’s inability to decide what the heck she wanted. It usually gets on my nerves, but the poor girl knew things would go wrong if she let her guard down. And she was right! So cudos to her intuition, and her sense of self-sacrifice to keep her loved ones away from her enemies. Plus, she was pretty badass – I only hope she doesn’t get soft in the next books because she’s got Cash back.

In terms of action, the second book didn’t have as much as the first book. Mainly because, in this case, we had to deal with conspiracies and stuff, and the bureaucrats of Langley made it so hard to get to the good part…

Even so, it was even more intriguing than Winters Heat and more complicated, seeing as we had to be on alert constantly, not knowing which CIA agent to trust and which to wish dead. Thank God we can always count on the Titan boys to stay out of the awful trap of betrayal~

Now I’m off to Jared’s book – hell, yes, Boss Man, get your pants off and prepare to meet your destined reader and fan!

“I’ve loved you every day. Since as far back as I can remember, Cash, I’ve loved you.” – Nicola Garrison


***I was given an ARC from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. The opinion stated in this review is solely mine, and no compensation was given or taken to alter it.***