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Westin's Chase (Titan, #3)

“I love you, Sugar. You’re mine. That’s about as real and honest as it gets. Not sure that either of us had a choice. Life presents facts, and this is one. I was born to be with you. Hell, I only existed before I chased you down. Held you to me. Made you love me. And now I live .” – Jared Westin

Boss Man, allow me to say, before I get started, something – something I really need to get out of my chest.

I really do! I have ever since I first met you in Winters’s book, but now… Now, you freaking miracle of a man, I can’t possible get enough of you and your godliness!

In the 3rd Titan book, Jared Westin and Sugar finally get it on. But it’s not as easy as it sounds. Sugar, trying to help Team Titam when a mobster was after Nicola in the previous book, broke her cover as an ATF agent. Now in suspension, and attempting to stay as far away from Jared and their explosive chemistry as she can, she accepts a mission that turns out to be a trap. Jared and his team will have to make sure she gets back home safe. That’s IF an enemy from his past doesn’t kill her first. But even if he is to save and protect her, can he find a way to make her stop running from him? Or is there no way for two people as stubborn as them to really be together?

I’m telling you right now, if Nic’s case was full of suspense, Sugar’s reeked mystery from every single pore! Not only because of the bad guys. Try figuring out what a woman as unpredictable as Sugar plans to do and see what happens. I doubt even she expected half of the things she did! It’s one thing to find plot twists caused by the antagonists, and another to see them happening right before your eyes, just because the main heroine is impulsive as hell! She would have made a teenager proud with all those complicated edges in her way of thinking!

But that’s the way we love her, so no complaining here. I don’t think the book would have been the same if she was even the slightest bit predictable. With Sugar, you don’t get what you see, and what you think you might get is often way off the real thing. And that’s fine, because she’s already proven she was much more than just a hot piece of ass. She’s full of sarcasm, swears like a sailor – hell, maybe worse than that -, knows her guns, and is an Alpha female through and through.

Of course, one can wonder how this works for Jared. The man is self-proclaimed the master of everything, has an ego bigger than his “mini warrior in the tactical pants” (though I request a full-on, hands-on investigation before I can tell for sure), and has no problem if others call him God instead of his given name. His way of interracting with others is “I give you an order, and you obviously obey, and thank me for it”. He’s the kind of man who would have no problem punching his chest and carrying his woman to bed on his shoulder – makes for better access to her butt, and I did notice a slight fetish of his towards that certain area of the female anatomy – and who prefers dealing with trouble instead of letting his woman – no matter how capable she is – to do it. A protector, a warrior, a tall hunk with muscles upon muscles who doesn’t tolerate disobedience.

And yet, this kind of man, a true boss in both his personal and his professional life, has a heck of a chemistry with a woman as strong and rebellious as Sugar. If you thought that two characters who are so alike, and can never show humility and let others in charge, cannot be an item, you were wrong! Because those two are getting on my Favourite 2014 Couples list! They compliment each other to the point of it being too good to be real! I mean, it makes sense! Jared would never be able to stomach a weak woman who doesn’t share his interest in firearms and sarcastic banter, and Sugar herself had told Cash that only a guy with certain big somethings would be able to make her settle down (we all know Jared is the one with the biggest boots in there, say what you want, Jared-haters!).

What really surprised me was Brock’s betrayal. I mean, ok, I hadn’t given him much attention, because he was easy to ignore in the group, but I felt a little hurt when I found out he was the traitor. Not that I blame him. His actions were justified in my eyes, even if he could have taken a different path to solve his issues.

In any case, I guess we’ll see how good of a character he really is in his book. I wonder if Jared will finally find a way to either forgive or use him? Hmmmm….


***I was given an ARC from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. The opinion stated in this review is solely mine, and no compensation was given or taken to alter it.***