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Gambled: A Titan Novella (Titan #3.1)

Brock Gamble has made a terrible mistake. He took his Boss Man’s woman, and gave her away to Jared’s enemy to make sure that his wife, Sarah, and their daughters stayed safe. Now he’s paying for his actions. Titan is no longer the home he can return to, and Sarah has taken the girls and left him. Will he be able to get his family back? Or are the secrets he kept from both his colleagues and his wife going to prove the end of his so-far-organized life?

I have to say I expected this book to be hot and full of action, despite its size. Glad to know I was right, and that Cristin Harber can never disappoint me, no matter what.

I already knew Brock could not possibly be a bad guy. Yes, he made mistakes, but it was perfectly reasonable, his family was in danger! So I was a bit mad at Sarah for leaving him and using him as a scapegoat because she was traumatized. I may sound stupid for saying this, but I don’t exactly accept the reason, no matter how important….

Even so, Brock managed to work things out, and he did so while acting the hero part once again, even if he was alone in this book’s mission. I loved how he kept discovering secret strong parts of Sarah’s, though, so I guess I could forgive her. Plus, the dynamic they had as a married couple was amazing!

Now all that’s left to see is what Boss Man will do. I suspect he’s not quite done with his former right hand man, and I hope he gets to utilize Brock’s talents despite having kicked him from the team…. Well, I should wait and see for myself, right?