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Chased: A Titan Novella (Titan, #3.2)

“I’ve known you most my life, sweetheart, and I’m an ass that it’s taken me this long to figure it out: I need you. I crave you. You’re a requirement to function.” – Asher McIntyre

Another Titan novella – and one that could have earned more cupcakes, though this is not Mrs. Harber’s fault. It’s strictly because of personal preferences.

Jenny Chase is Sugar’s little sister. She’s been in love with Asher McIntyre, her best friend’s big brother, ever since she first saw him, but she knows the congressman does not see her in the same light she sees him. However, when a stalker of his, targets her in hopes of scaring Asher, the man she always thought so far away from her will take charge and get so close it almost seems impossible to believe. Is it too late for him to build a relationship between them? And what will happen when the stalker’s threats become more than empty words?

I have to admit, the only reason I gave this one a chance was because Jenny’s related to Sugar, and because I read in some reviews that you need to read this in order to fully grasp what will take place in Rocco’s book. Well, I’m glad I was able to find out – and I’m really anxious to see what will happen with the big funny hunk – but I can’t say I would ever re-read this book. It was fun in some parts, sexy, and full of suspense – hell, it’s always a given that the story will be awesome if Cristin Harber is writing it.

But the fact remains that the main leads, no matter how interesting, couldn’t do it for me. They didn’t hold me on the edge of my seat like Winters and Mia, didn’t make me cry like Cash and Nic, didn’t have me partying when they got together like Jared and Sugar or breathing in relief the way Brock and Sarah did. They were nice, but easily forgettable.

After women like the ones in the other four books, Jenny was too… average. I expected something more from Sugar’s sister, a little bit more spank. But all I got was some moves that indicated she might kow her way a little around guns, and could somehow remain calm on the outside during crisis.

Asher, too, was someone I would easily lose in a crowd – I admit, I would lose HIM much faster than Jenny, imagine that. I don’t know if it’s my personal dislike towards fictional male leads who are tycoons, millionaires, billionaires, freaking rich businessmen, politicians and the likes. But I do know that they make me feel sleepy the minute I realise they wear expensive suits and are pictured in magazines – guess that’s why the down-and-dirty gruff exterior of the TITAN men has me so hooked, huh? In any case, I think I lost all my interest in Ash the moment he realized he actually wanted to be with Jenny. Dude, you’ve known the woman for so many years, you’re the one pulling back and making her feel like crap any time she tries to shorten the distance, and all it takes is a threatening picture from a stalker for you to FINALLY get your move on?!

It’s like one of those movie moments, when the guy at long last looks at the woman who’s been by his side all along, and tells her something along the lines of “let’s be together because I don’t know how long we’ll actually be alive” or something!

Gah! Rocco, I’m moving on to your book to get rid of those two. No matter how nice they were, they were just NOT Titan material if you ask me. I’m ready to take my manly dose, if you don’t mind…

*opens Rocco’s book and gets ready to fangirl*

“Chocolate cake and a diamond ring? In bed with the man of my dreams? Nothing else to say but yes.”- Jenny Chase