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The Next Always (Inn BoonsBoro Trilogy #1)

“I swear I trip up more with you than anybody. I love you, Clare. I always did, but it’s different loving who you are now. It’s so damn solid. You’re so solid, so steady, strong, smart. I love who you are, how you are. I love those boys, you have to know.” – Beckett Montgomery

Too long… It’s been too long since I’ve had a good dose of NR – honestly, I really needed this little break from ARCs! Can’t believe I actually lasted this long away from this woman’s books!

Meet the Montgomery boys! Ryder, Owen, and Beckett! In this amazing trilogy, they’re trying to rebuild their town’s inn, with the intention of bringing it to its previous glory. But the building hides more than just its golden history. A ghost – named Elizabeth by Beckett – haunts its rooms and hallways. Still, the ghost doesn’t seem to be harmful to visitors. A certain man who stalks Clare Brewster, young widowed mother of three boys, though, is certainly much more dangerous. With his high school crush on her becoming something more stable, something stronger, Beckett will have to use any trick he has – and a little bit of help from Elizabeth – to make sure he can finally have his happy ending. But is Clare up for the ride? Or is she still in love with her dead husband?

Like I said, it’s completely unbelievable – and I should feel ashamed for it! – that I stayed away from any NR stories. Reading this book proved it, I’m nuts for doing so, and cannot possibly live withour reading words written by her. A trilogy focusing on three brothers (btw, dibs on Ryder, if no one has staked a claim on this fictional guy yet!), a small friendly town, an awesome, badass mother (I’m talking about both Clare AND Justine), steamy romance that is never too vanilla or too vulgar, old ladies that are full of life and so damn creative… Any wonder why I love this author to death?!

Beckett and Clare were just what I needed after straying from the right path of fictional romance. So sweet and hot together, yet strong and hilarious when they were hanging around other people. I loved how Beckett seemed to have always been in love with her. Still, I loved the fact Clare was getting ready to fall even more. It showed that not all widows in romance were unsatisfied with their spouses, and that even them deserve a second chance. Her three sons came as a bonus, and at the end of the story, it was impossible to imagine her without those three running around her feet. I also adored the fact Beckett was all for being a real couple, sharing their troubles and plans – even if it was irritating at some point to witness the stress Clare put him through because she was used to being alone in her duties….

Nora Roberts, however, is not just a romance writer. The woman knows her craft well, so she gave us not only some suspense with Clare’s stalker (I’m not talking about his identity, I’m talking at the way things went downhill) but also some paranormal scenes with a ghost! She even made me cry! *sighs* It’s been so long since I’ve cried because of her words, I’m telling you this is true magic!

The only problem with all this was the fact everyone kept talking about the inn. Wait, not just talking – it’s like they had nothing better to do! Then again, I guess that’s true – as they all said it was like some big awesome news or whatever several times in the book – so it can be ignored…

Now I’m off to read Owen’s story – damn, Ryder is the last one to go, why is my favorite lead almost always in the end of a trilogy?!

“You brought them dogs I didn’t think I wanted, and you were so busy talking me into it you didn’t see me fall at your feet. I love you, Beckett, without any doubt, without any worry.” – Clare Brewster