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The Sea of Monsters (Percy Jackson and the Olympians, #2)

I used to fear sequels – they usually failed to deliver the awesomeness that a series’s first book had promised. But thankfully, such is not the case with many of them. And Riordan’s Sea of Monsters belongs to that exclusive list.

Percy Jackson can’t wait for summer camp to begin again, so he can return to his friends and the rest of the Demigods. But things have changed at Camp Half-Blood. Chiron is no longer part of the teaching staff, Grover has gone missing – with strange dreams showing him as a captive in a terrible cyclops’s cave – and someone has poisoned Thalia’s tree. Not to mention, the camp’s new instructor replacing Chiron seems like he’s trying a bit too hard to kill the poor campers. With Annabeth and Tyson, a cyclops who turns out to be his little brother, Percy must travel to the Sea of Monsters, find the Golden Fleece, save Grover, and survive Luke and his minions who are trying to either get him on their side or kill him. All in a summer’s work for the son of Poseidon…

I loved this book! As much as I loved the first one! It was fast-paced, packed with action, and Percy’s narration never fails to amuse and thrill me. I’m not a first person POV fan, but with this guy, I can’t help but sit back and enjoy.

Plus, it showed a certain side of Clarisse that I didn’t expect. Damn, now it’s hard for me to look at her and hate her completely – ok, a 10% of me still wants to throttle her, but that’s understandable… I think?

With Thalia back in the game, I can’t wait to see what will happen in the next book!