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Slow Hand (Hot Cowboy Nights, #1)

Well, well, well… Often times I come across writers who can write western romance like nobody’s business. They manage to make us dream of the hot cowboy stud, coming to tip his stetson at us, sweep us off our feet, and then start convincing us how great living the life of a rancher’s wife can be – in a rather… practical and hands-on way.

Victoria Vane proved to be one of those authors.

But I admit she’s the first one to ever write about a cowboy NOT willing to save his family’s ranch no matter how much he will roll in debts!

Wade Knowlton is that kind of cowboy. A lawyer with a stetson, he’s been hurt by his dead wife too much to seek another woman to settle down. His brother’s obsession with their family’s ranch is not helping either, when all Wade wants is to sell and be done with it. But when Nicole Powell, whose dead father named her his sole heir, visits Wade’s hometown to sort her father’s will out, Wade will find himself wishing for things he never thought possible. But what happens when a cowboy pursues a girl who runs for the hills the minute she spots a stetson? And how long till Nikki decides she has to return home, away from Montana’s clear air?

The first thing I noticed about this book was its cover. I swear, the cover model looks like Matt Smith!

I mean, come on, look at him and tell me they look nothing alike!

Ahem! Anyway, back to the story.

While the plot was certainly not original, the characters playing the story out weren’t. Sure, we’ve heard of the woman who hates cowboys and has a bad past with men and her estranged father, but there were parts of Nikki that seemed different from all the heroines falling in these categories. Not that it was because of her personality alone – God no! The woman was annoying to hell! She could never decide what she wanted, she always blamed Wade for acting as she directed him to according to her desires, and she always tried pushing the poor man in the same category as her ex-lovers – to the point where she nearly got mad if Wade didn’t behave the way she expected his “type” to! She didn’t want him to cheat, but she expected him to tolerate a long-distance relationship because it was emotionally convenient for her. She didn’t “want” romance, but she was disappointed in the way Wade treated her when she voiced that – lady, if you tell a man you don’t want to be with him, then don’t expect anything more than a rough roll in the hay! She hated when he flirted with her and hit on her, but she kept dressing in a way she KNEW would affect him (and hoped for it, too!), and kept following him around instead of leaving him alone. That’s like, wiggling your ass in front of a bull and expect not to be stabbed with a horn!

Not to mention, she hated country music – ok, enough said!

What made both Nikki and the whole book interesting, then? Wade! Yup! Wade was a unique kind of cowboy. The kind that wants something more from life than just ranching – without leaving the simple pleasure of a family out. He was sweet, he was flirty, he was funny and hot. He was considerate enough to let Nikki lead their relationship, but he never lost a bit of his Alpha personality. Instead, he calmly tried to make her see the potential of them as an item – too bad the girl is as dumb as they come and couldn’t get it… While he was steady in what he wanted, he kept trying to tame his desires for the sake of hers. And heck, his dirty mouth and love-making rituals were something to behold, a true piece of art in words!

Now I’m moving on to his brother’s book. Finally! I swear, Dirk is not that bad, he’s just antisocial and gruff – just my kind of guy~


***I was given an ARC from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. The opinion stated in this review is solely mine, and no compensation was given or taken to alter it.***