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Savage Secrets (Titan, #4)

“Te adoro. Te amo. Mi Galán.” – Caterina Cruz

What… what did I just read?! Oh, God, Cristin Harber, can your writing be any more perfect?!

Rocco Savage, now acting as the new second-in-command for the Titan group, accepts a solo mission after being specifically requested by Caterina Cruz, to take out one of the world’s most famous terrorists. The funny guy of the group seems to have finally found his match in the fiery Spaniard – pretending to be her husband for the mission seems to be even easier as time goes by. But both he and Cat are hiding some very crucial things. If they want to survive – and be together – they will have to spill some of their darkest secrets. Can they trust in each other to do so?

Ok, well, if you have heard the rumors about needing to read the two Titan novellas between this book and the previous (Jared’s story) then allow me to tell you, they’re true. There are many things in Rocco’s book that are explained but in a vague way – unless you’ve read Gambled and Chased you just can’t fully grasp their importance, though.

Also, I never thought I’d live to see the day I would dare to like a Titan book more than Jared’s but damn it all to hell, I adored this one! Probably more than Boss Man’s story – can you believe it?!

But it’s true! This book had:
– more action than the first one
– a couple that complicated each other more perfectly than the couple in the second one
– more badassery than the third one
– more drama and heavily traumatized feels than the first novella
– more suspense and plot twists than the second novella

I dare say this has to be Harber’s Best. Book. Ever! I haven’t read any other books of hers apart from Titan, of course, but I’m 100% sure about one thing: this woman goes in my “absolute writer recommendation” list – a mental list of mine that no matter how good a writer is, it’s hard for just anyone to enter it.

I cried. And laughed. And swooned. And fangirled to the point where several members of my family had to enter my room and tell me to “shut up already” – many times over, might I add. I loved Caterina, I loved Rocco. Loved it all to death! The romance was sizzling hot, the tension nearly suffocating, the action breathtaking! No matter how much I tried to keep a level head about it, in order for me to be a fair judge, I just couldn’t! It’s a good thing, though, because there was nothing that could have been done differently – perfection to its ultimate glory!

I’m not giving anything else away – seriously, a single hint might be a BIG spoiler with this book. And trust me, in this case, you WANT to read Rocco’s story! You’ll be missing out big time on one of the best books there is out there if you don’t!

“I fuckin’ love you, Kitten.” – Rocco Savage



***I was given an ARC from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. The opinion stated in this review is solely mine, and no compensation was given or taken to alter it.***