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Hart Attack (Titan, #5)

“Love your crazy and your freckles. Love how you taste, how you kiss. How you drive me to the edge of sanity. Life’s wild with you. WILD. And I love it, like I love you. I want my ring on your finger, my name on your name. Marry me, babe.” – Roman Hart

Ok, Mrs. Harber, look… We have a great relationship, you and I, we do. You write – or, what I like to call it, “create miracles” – and I fangirl, thanking God for being blessed to read your work. But sometimes, it just gets too much for my poor heart. All those feels, and the hotness, and the suspense… Gah! You’re killing me with each book here!

Roman Hart knows better than to let someone in his heart. Losing his sister once does that to a guy, after all. But it’s getting harder to resist doing so with Beth Tourne, his sister’s best friend and former CIA colleague. To him, Beth is a game, a party girl, a challenge – and all Titan guys love challenges. However, when Beth gets a mission that makes her fake surface crumble, Roman begins to understand there might be more than just parties and jokes to this woman. Secrets that he’s not sure he wants to know, sides that he’s not sure he’s ready to see. And with Beth fighting him as much as wanting him, Cash’s spotter might need a little more than mere guts to face not only her heart, but his as well…

Where do I start? Hmm, how about apologizing first to both Roman AND Beth? Because, really, after dubbing them as “just ok” in my mind, I need to bow down and grovel for forgiveness!!!

How could I possibly think those two were anything but great? They were fitting pieces of puzzle, and they kept bringing each other’s good traits to the surface without even trying or accepting it!

Beth was just the right woman to bring out Roman’s emotions, to finally make him see that it was ok to let someone get close. That he was strong enough to survive it. She was independent, and strong herself, and while she was still mourning her past, and made it difficult for Roman to show her the brilliance of THEM as a couple, she was someone who didn’t take his bullshit and made sure he didn’t reverse back to his old ways of coping with hardships when he needed it the most.

And Roman, oh, Roman… How can I look at IRL guys again, after what I’ve witnessed with you? You sweet, wonderful man! Even when he was trying to be rough and rude and macho, it was impossible not to see the cuddler under the brute. His overprotective nature might seem too much, but, unlike the rest of the Titan guys, he trusted her enough to let her do her thing – even if it killed him inside. Ok, unless it was against his morals, but that’s another story. What made Roman so perfect, was exactly his imperfect state, though. His flaws were humane, his worries and sweet little moments – however unconsciously achieved – pulled at my heartstrings viciously. And when he decided to open up, to express himself verbally… Boy, I was, like, swooning, because this guy sure had a way with words, no matter how he might deny it!

Oh, and let’s not forget the hotness – did I mention it above or did I forget it again? Again, shame on me! Because, good God, does Harber know how to melt panties through her fictional studs or what?

I’m not gonna give you any major spoilers, just a couple of hints.

Hint #1: The main lovey-dovey action is, as always, served at the right, perfect moment.

Hint #2: Just because the main dish is served later, doesn’t mean things don’t get hot and heavy earlier. *wink* *wink*

But hey, that makes sense. I mean, with the Titan boys, you can pretty much expect to faint from massive nosebleeds just because they turned their eyes on you – and no, no sane woman’s gonna judge you if you do, it’s perfectly understandable.

Now I have to wait for Parker’s book to come out… See, that woman is devious! How am I supposed to live until then?!



***I was given an ARC in exchange for an honest review. The opinion stated in this review is solely mine, and no compensation was given or taken to alter it.***