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Secrets in the Shadows (Shadows Collection/Leroy's Sins, #1)

“I do, you know. I do love you. Even if you don’t return my feelings, I wanted you to know. ” – Charlie Clark

OK, yes, I do enjoy romantic suspense. In fact, I love it! But there are times when I feel like there’s something missing, and in this book’s case, this was one of those times…

Lauren Grant will never forget that one fateful summer that changed her life and showed her how cruel the world can really be. But she’s willing to fight for her happiness. Several years later, divorced with an adorable daughter, Lauren owns a cafe and is living life the way she always wanted – minus the husband. Yet all this changes when an act of vandalism destroys her shop, and brings her closer to her parents’ new, charming neighbour, Charlie Clark. Can Lauren and Charlie find who’s behind the hateful acts that target her in time? And how will Charlie convince her to give love and intimacy a second chance?

I enjoyed this story up to a certain point. I’m a sucker for small, cozy towns, and love heroines who don’t mind trying their hardest to work things out in their life, instead of acting like poor, helpless victims. Lauren was a sweetheart, and Charlie’s courting was too freaking adorable to survive at times.

I’ll admit there wasn’t much sexiness in this one, but hey, I think it made the book more realistic that way! Lauren still had that trauma to overcome, so it makes sense for her to be hesitant upon close contact with a male.

What brought the rating down was the suspense. Either I’m getting so damn good at guessing what’s going to happen next because of all those books I’ve read, or the story was predictable. If there was some other element to take my mind off of it – sex, action, I don’t know – it wouldn’t have seemed so glaringly obvious to me. As it was, though, it took away the fun and the thrill books like this are supposed to give the reader…

“I wasn’t expecting it, wasn’t looking for it, but it happened, and I’m here. It scares me to death to admit, even to myself, but I love you, too, Charlie Clark.” – Lauren Taylor Grant



***I was given an ARC from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. The opinion stated in this review is solely mine, and no compensation was given or taken to alter it.***