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Under the Moon's Shadow (Shadows Collection/Leroy's Sins, #2)

DNF – seriously? What the heck did I just read?!

I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed a relationship more abusing than this book’s couple seemed to have – and that’s saying something! Apart from the fact the plot was obvious as hell, and the sex happened behind closed doors – really now, why would you do that, when the suspense isn’t that thrilling, and there’s no real reason like there was in the previous book to NOT show the reader the yummy parts?! – the book was nearly traumatizing for me. As in “please, dear God, never let me fall for a guy like Ethan, I’m not that much of a sinner to deserve that, right?” kind of traumatizing.

I couldn’t care less if Beth ends up with Ethan at this point, too. Truth be told, I hope she doesn’t because no woman deserves that kind of treatment! This guy not only ruined it for me, he made me disgusted enough that I don’t even want to touch the rest of the books! Verbal abuse, sleeping with someone then re-abusing them, letting them in danger, good Lord, I don’t care about his excuses, this was cruel! And before any of you decides to get on my case about it being realistic, well, let me tell you, I don’t want THAT much realism in my romance stories. If I wanted realistic, I’d be observing all those fucked up relationships around me to pass the time, I wouldn’t be reading books. Even I have a girl’s heart, damn it!