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Nightmare in Steam (Alliance of Silver and Steam, #1)

“I love you, Eliza. You have to believe me.” – Lucius Willan

Well, that was interesting… Ok, screw it, it was fan-freakin-tastic!

Lucius Willan is a Nightmare Demon, and due to a series of unfortunate events, he finds himself working for Seraphina, the current leader of Hell. When one of his missions brings him upon one of Eliza Dorley’s dreams, though, Lucius will have to find his inner courage and free himself from his mistress. Because Eliza is not only his mate, but also a member of the Alliance of Silver and Steam, the group of humans opposing Seraphina and her minions…

I seriously fell in love with Lucius at first sight! He was hot, and damn, he knew how to make both Eliza AND the reader melt, but he was also a quite unusual main hero. While most demons who happen to be the male leads in such stories are always considered to be the strongest of their race, and yada yada yada, Lucius was no such thing. In fact, he was weak against other demons, his kind almost extinct, and he was a freaking coward. Run to save your hide first, think about others later. But it was ok! Because it was unique, and showed that a hero doesn’t need to be something special to be a good man to his woman. He doesn’t have to be rich, or super strong, or the epitome of handsomeness. He just needs to have a sharp mind, and love said woman more than anything. (the fact he actually did what he did to Seraphina despite his weakness and his fear proved both those attributes, the mind and the heart, and it was brilliant!)

What’s more, he didn’t try to completely change just for Eliza’s sake. He knew what kind of person he was, fully accepted it, and merely modified it for his mate’s convenience. And he never considered becoming allies with her group until he was really certain they were a little more right than Seraphina – let’s be honest, both sides had their dark faces, and he was correct to say so, too. You know what this shows? It shows a man who doesn’t become a woman’s puppet just to please her, and still manages to keep her as his top priority. It shows a man with brains, which is rather rare most times in romance stories.

To convince you further about Lucius’s wonderful mind, just take a look at the woman he loves, Eliza. She’s intelligent as heck, and loves inventing things instead of parading around in expensive dresses just as her parents had planned for her. She knew Lucius was dangerous, but still let him try to show her that things would be able to work out between them. And despite being in love with him, she never even considered the possibility of betraying the Alliance and running away, not even when it was clear that they could – and would – destroy her mate. She was weak in battle, yes, but for the sake of her man, she put on her big girl panties and dared to go against her superiors to ensure both she and Lucius would be safe and together.

So it’s no wonder I loved them both!

What I did hate, however, was Felicia. At first I was sad I hadn’t read her story beforehand, but when I saw how she treated Lucius, and when she herself confirmed to have made poor Grayston’s life a torture to beheld, well, I felt relieved. Honestly, I’m glad. If I had read Felicia’s book first, then I would have been so angry, I would not have gotten the chance to read this awesome book.

Now I can’t wait to read Philippe’s book – though I really hope the rest of the Alliance hotties and cuties get their share of love, too…

“I love you, Lucius. I think I’ve loved since that first dream when I was mystified how I’d dreamt up such a sexy man.” – Eliza Dorley



***I was given an ARC from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. The opinion stated in this review is solely mine, and no compensation was given or taken to alter it.***