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The Geek Girl and the Scandalous Earl (Geek Girls, #1)

“I have tried to deny it, to ignore it, but I am helpless against it. I love you, Jamie Marten. I love your beautiful body, your brilliant mind, and even your foul mouth. It makes no sense. I have tried long and hard to convince myself of the contrary, but I cannot.” – Micah Axelby

Well, well, well… If this series isn’t a geek girl’s dream come true, I don’t know what is!

Jamie Marten is just like you and me – a geek girl. Someone who cares about stuff other than being pretty and manhunting – and who has had her heart broken thanks to a jerk of an ex-boyfriend. While she’s moping in her apartment, one of her best friends, Leah, demands she gets her butt off her couch to work – and that’s when things start getting weird. Because of an antique bureau acting like a time portal, Jamie suddenly finds herself all the way back to Regency England, in Micah Axelby’s bedroom. Micah has no time to waste for this beautiful yet odd stranger, but his gentlemanly ways forbid him from throwing her out. Welcoming her as his guest until she can find her way back to her own time, he hopes this will not fuel the flames of scandalous gossip and ruin his plans to wed soon. Meanwhile, Jamie wants nothing more than to return back home, to her showers and computers, to the time when she can act without someone telling her she needs a protector like she’s incapable of caring for herself. But what they both don’t know is that fate has other things in store for them. And a certain matchmaking witch will not let them do as they please…

Ok, this book was refreshing and quite nice. Funny, sexy, and with enough drama to keep the pages turning. The dialogues were fantastic, the pace quite reasonable, and most of the characters can instantly be loved through their little traits.

Jamie was awesome! She’s your everyday geek, who wants a man to treat her as an equal, but can never find this kind of guy. At first, she’s freaked at Micah’s attitude and words, despite his gorgeous appearance, and that’s what sets her apart from most heroines. Jamie doesn’t want protection. She doesn’t need a chaperone, she needs a partner to share her life with, and I think that was amazing. Even after she had admitted to being in love with Micah, she was still trying to be independent, and she never agreed to stay with him – not until she would be sure there were other things to make her happy, and not just him. Talk about a woman with character depth and brains!

Now Micah… Well, what can I say about him? The first thing we notice – through Jamie’s eyes – is that he’s “Colin Firth’s twin”. Ok… Give me a minute here….

Ahem! I’m alright, I’m alright!!! I think…

Seriously, though, what kind of hot-blooded woman can keep a straight face when that man is involved?! I know for sure I would never be able to do that – and I’m speaking on behalf of 20 or more women in my immediate family, too – so Jamie deserves tons of praise for at least TRYING!

Still, he wasn’t without flaws. The haughty attitude, the snobbish mindset of rich people of old times, his habbit of jumping to assumptions, the overprotectiveness.. Yeah, there were a lot of times I wanted to smack him, so you can rest assured his charm didn’t last long. I understand where he comes from, but sometimes it was a bit too much… And don’t even get me started on Jamie chasing after him despite his many rejections – you go, girl, I would have sooner jumped from the top of the highest bbuilding of that era than do it…

By the way, if it wasn’t for the witch – and I’m not saying who it is – this would have been a 5-cupcake book. (yes, despite my own personal problem with a woman chasing after a man hopelessly)
I mean, really, you see what you’re doing to the couple you worked so hard to get together by keeping secrets, and you’re still staying silent instead of just telling the truth? This is just a whole new level of stupid, if you ask me…

In any case, I’m moving on to Leah’s story. I hope her man is much better than Micah – and that her story will be just as good as Jamie’s.

“I love you, Micah Alexander Axelby. It has nothing to do with the fact that you’re an earl or that you’ve got buckets of money or anything like that. I love you, the man.” – Jamie Marten