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Geek Girls Don't Date Dukes (Geek Girls, #2)

Hell, yeah! Now THAT’S what I’m talking about!

After Jamie’s happy ending, her best friend, Leah Ramsey, wishes she could find a guy from old times, too. She knows that only a duke would be able to provide what she’s been looking for her entire life, and she’s certain she has what it takes to snatch one – if only given the opportunity. But when a time-travel spell sends her back to Regency England, she stumbles upon a situation she never expected. Forced to act as a maid to a duke much older than the one she dreamed of, Leah will have to keep her mind sharp in order to make sure she lands that spot in nobility she so wanted. But a certain servant of the duke’s household proves to be a distraction – and she’s not sure she really knows what she wants anymore…

Yay for true love! Yay for social status not worth a damn! And yay for the underdog! Just… yay!

Yes, I’m a huge fan of all the underdogs. I love it when they get their happy ever after, and when they’re not as important as so many cliche heroes are. That’s why I adored Avery Russell. He was a mere servant, with a rocky past, and he was a hard-working guy trying to make sure he survived and could take care of his sick aunt. It was adorable, really.

So it’s no surprise I was out for blood every time Leah would swoon over the possibility of becoming a duchess. First of all, woman, a mere maid does NOT become a noble lady that easily, this was not one of your books, damn it! Secondly, you always claimed to be a woman who could do anything, and yet Avery had to keep rushing to your aid – All. The. Freaking. Time!

I’m glad she at least got the message – and her brains right – at some point. That was when the book got to the 5-cupcake point, actually. Because not only did the chemistry between those two sizzle the pages, it was extremely fitting and just… right.

I can’t wait to find out what will happen to the final Geek Girl of the Trio!!!