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The Hunt For Snow (Fairytale League #1)



I demand for more books of this series to come out as quickly as possible! You hear me, God?! Help the writer deliver more soon, I’m dying here!!!

And with this prologue in mind, try to get in my shoes, because I’m really over the moon with this book, and I think I developed a new kind of syndrome for Babin’s writing, despite reading a book of hers for the first time – let’s call it “Babinism” for now, ok? So, yeah, try to be patient with this fangirl here, since yours truly is still trying to keep her blabbering in control after days of having finished readind the book.

We all know about Snow White. And her evil stepmother, sorceress extraordinaire, bitch to the high heavens, et cetera, et cetera. And the Huntsman – be honest, real women like the guy more than they do good ol’ Prince Charming, right? (and that was way before we saw Hemsworth and Dornan impersonating him and giving us massive tingles in our princess parts)

Now, imagine our dear pale-skinned princess escaping to our world, and taking her life in her own hands, by learning hand-to-hand combat, and how to shoot. Take it a step further and think of her as obsessed with all her firearms and weaponry – trigger-happy, too. Got it so far? Good. What you’ll do next, is picture the Huntsman, a sexy as heck man who takes rough Alpha male to a whole new level, have him between the dilemma of whether he should screw her senseless or kill her because of the evil queen’s enchantment; add all the famous fairytale characters with a healthily heavy dose of inner sadism and badassery; mix them all up. Shake and blend the batter like your life’s depending on it. And voilà!

You get a tale of awesome adventure, action, mystery and magic! A wonderful story full of powerful characters with depth, capable of character growth. A romance that burns at the first touch, and manages to make your panties melt through mere words and glances – or through fighting and murder threats, because whoever wants normal, anyway?

Ms. Babin goes straight to all my pet peeves – fairytale princesses, sex behind closed doors, small book that leaves me at a cliffhanger – and crushes them all beneath her talented thumb. Then spits on them for good measure, all the while smirking at me – I mean, yeah, that’s how I felt as I was reading – like she’s mocking me and telling me “Yeah, no, that’s not how it’s gonna be, it’s not gonna be your stereotypical book. So go wear your big girl panties, sit tight, and don’t think even for a second you’re leaving that chair until you’ve finished ALL of it. You’re gonna love it, that’s an order! You can worship my writing prowess later. And you’re very welcome, by the way.”

(I’ve got issues, ok? Don’t judge me! Lots of people feel like they’re communicating with the writer of something they’re reading – possibly, probably, maybe…)

Well, you did it, you amazing woman! You made me worship you with every page I turned. You made me weep when it was over. You turned me into a mere puddle at the sight of a single gun shooting in the story – or that wonderful line of skinning while watching, OMG, I think that was when I completely lost my shit!

In case I haven’t said so already, I want more! More of this amazing story. More of Babin’s spectacular writing. More of Belle, and Robin, and Cyndi and the rest. More of the D in the dysfunctional. MORE MORE MORE!!!

P.S.: Dear Robin, there’s still something I want to tell you. One, can I slap your butt? I’m having weird fantasies about it for some reason… And two…

Just sayin’…



***I was given an ARC from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. The opinion stated in this review is solely mine, and no compensation was given or taken to alter it.***