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Hate Fuck: Part One (Hate Fuck, #1)

Ok, this review will be as short as possible.

Not because I think the book isn’t worth ranting over. In fact, it was one of the hottest little things I’ve read in a while, in a deliciously explicit way.

But because with a book so small, you want to get started on it ASAP – and no recommendation of mine, or nice words, will ever get close enough to its majestic brilliantness!

The concept is simple.

Hailey Reid and Cole Parker shouldn’t want each other. He’s the go-to man for every powerful scumbag who wants a quick out when they’re in trouble, a man who embraces this world’s darkness and benefits from it. She’s the daughter of one of his clients, a woman who wants nothing to do with all the shady stuff her family’s attracting or causing. And yet, they can’t help but be drawn to each other. The ride they’re about to take is a tough one – and it’s bound to leave quite a few scars…

I have never been one for tales like this one. Usually, when I read a book with romance in it, I go for the one in which the heroes are bad boys, yes, but also noble ones. So it was quite a surprise how much I came to like this story despite Cole being no white knight dressed in black.

It was intense, and brought me to my knees, and I pretty much had to change panties more than a couple of times while reading it, but it was so much worth it. And I’m not even sorry to admit that much!

Cole was hot as fuck, and while I’d much prefer a Wilson (by the way, any idea where I can find me one?), I loved his character. He was honest to some point, at least with his desires, and he knew how to be true to his words when he promised carnal pleasures! And let’s be honest, rough and Alpha and growling can pretty much bring any woman to her knees – preferably so she can be on eye-level with that amazing… gun in his pants!

Hailey was one of those heroines I love. Strict with everyone when it came to what’s right and what’s wrong – even with herself – but enough of a badass to know when she just had to throw the good girl act out of the closest window and butt heads with those opposing her. She knew there would be no good out of sleeping with Cole, yet she couldn’t resist, and let me tell you, I’m grateful she gave in.

I don’t think I’ve seen a fictional couple making me blush for a long while now. I thought I was immune to it all! I mean, ok, I get all hot and flustered when reading steamy scenes, but I’ve stopped blushing while doing so! Scratch that, I thought I had stopped – Hailey and Cole broke my record.

Should I feel bad about it? Like, I’m-so-going-to-hell-for-this kind of bad? Don’t think so. And truth be told, I’m so much of a masochist that I want more of Cole and Hailey! And the rest of the guys, too!
(pleaaaase tell me we’re gonna see a Wilson series in the near future! I can sell my soul to the devil for it, if that helps?)


5cupcakes***I was given an ARC from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. The opinion stated in this review is solely mine, and no compensation was given or taken to alter it.***