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Hot Pursuit (Hostile Operations Team, #1)

“I’ll move heaven and earth to make you happy, Evie. I want you there when I wake up every morning and there when I go to sleep at night. I love you, even if you don’t do a damn thing I tell you to do.” – Matthew Girard

Hmmm, here’s a military romance that made it hard for me to decide the rating. I usually go for the 4 or 5 cupcakes, but in this case I couldn’t let the 3 cupcakes out… Turns out I ended up rating it the lowest of the three, but there’s good reason for that.

Matthew Girard is back to his home town, but not for long. After screwing up in his latest asssignment, he’s in a standstill, waiting to see if his military career is officially over or if he will get a second chance. What he doesn’t expect is to meet Evangeline Baker again. Evie is back, too, hoping to start anew after her restaurant was a disaster thanks to her deceitful partner. Cozing up to the one man she could never forget and who wronged her terribly is not in her plans. But when someone abducts her sister and demands something Evie supposedly has in order to give her back, she and Matt will have to work together. Can the sizzling attraction that hasn’t stopped having an effect on them despite their separation help them make things right this time?


Matt and Evie’s story was sure an interesting one. He wasn’t just her childhood crush, he also did the worst thing possible a guy can do to a teenage girl after her first time. Of course, he was really sorry after he had grown up, and yes, it was obvious, and he was doing his best making amends. That’s what added some points to his character, honestly, not his looks or his sexy actions. (don’t get me wrong, but I’ve seen too many hot guys in books to actually care only for looks anymore, plus, French words don’t do the trick for me, I’m not exactly a fan)

Evie was also a nice girl, but freaked out way too easily. That would be fine if it stayed that way, but she kept changing her persona regarding danger. One minute she was trembling all over, the next she acted like a tougher version of her. I don’t know how Matt thought her a strong woman, I mean, she was, but not all the time, most of the times she acted tough was when she would realize something she loved was about to be taken away from her. So it was a bit confusing trying to understand how she would act next every time a new hurdle was presented along the way.

Their attraction was visible to everyone BUT them, and they kept dancing around each other to the point of being annoying. The love scenes were hot, but I felt like something was missing there, and I still don’t know what.

Speaking of missing, that’s another problem that took part in the rating. See, there was also something missing with the action. I don’t know if I’m too used to Titan’s badassery, but I felt like Matt wasn’t as good a team leader as he was supposed to be – or as his team believed. The only excuse I felt was worth his unprofessionalism was the fact he was still shaken up after his screwed up op.

All in all, it was a nice book, but in terms of military romance there was still something missing, something to really get me hooked. I’ll keep reading the series, of course, and I hope the rest of the H.O.T. guys will make me reconsider my opinion on their team.