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Braving Fate (The Mythean Arcana, #1)

Now THIS was something new – and you know me, new is most of the times translation for “I’ve never seen this, now I have, and GOD it was awesome”!

Cadan Trinovante is a Mythean Guardian, an Immortal whose duty is to protect those that affect humanity greatly. He’s loyal to his cause, and never gets completely attached to those he protects. But his new mission is about to prove tricky. Diana Laughton, a woman seeking to work as a professor one day, is the reincarnation of Boudica, the ancient Celtic warrior queen, and she’s in real trouble. Demons are after her, an enemy of Boudica’s wants to kill her, and a man she’s instantly attracted to is trying to protect her, but hides a ton of secrets that could very well bring back her past life’s memories. Can she survive even against the odds saying she’s meant to die after fulfilling her mission? And will Cadan be able to get a second chance for his heart, when the same woman who once threw it away is once again by his side, about to be taken by death once more?

I simply LOVED this book. And I’m ecstatic that it’s the first of the series, because I couldn’t possibly be able to be satisfied with just one story about the Mytheans.

What to praise first? The story that was full of plot twists and surprises? The pace that never let me take a breath? The characters that were a perfect mix of contemporary and legend?

Well, this book was all this, and more. It was fast in pace, packed with action, and the characters were wonderful in the mixed natures. I mean, usually immortal characters are overdoing it with using modern facilities, like the writers are trying their hardest to prove that those beings that came from the ancient times can really live in our century. Ok, we don’t doubt they can, no need to keep rubbing it in our faces.

But Ms. Hall did her characters justice. They were fairly good in blending with modern society, but they hadn’t forgotten their roots, their history. They were modest in using technology, and while they did that, they didn’t overdo it with their supernatural abilities, either.

A perfect balance!

What is more, the romance in the story was equally hot AND emotional. For the first time in so long, we actually see a guy who finds the woman he believed to be his one true love, NOT trying to change the reincarnation into her original form. See, Cadan knew he was falling in love with Diana. He did fight it, but he didn’t try to turn her into another Boudica. He saw her for who she really was. It was refreshing to read, and yes, I think deep down, he instinctively knew Boudica hadn’t really loved him, not the way Diana did.

Well done, Cadan!

Diana was also an interesting female. She was scared out of her wits, didn’t try to hide it or act tough, yet didn’t become a useless damsel in distress, either. No, she tried to become stronger, to find answers to her questions, and was always willing to help as long as it was within her powers to do so. The way she treated Cadan had me cringing at times, of course, but then I kept reminding myself that Boudica played a major part in that, so it was easy to transfer my dislike towards her person and enjoy the rest of the story.

Now I can’t wait to read Warren and Esha’s story. Something tells me theirs is a love-hate relationship, and I love those!