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Soulceress (The Mythean Arcana, #2)

“I doona CARE for you. I LOVE you. There’s a difference. A damn big one. You’ve saved my life, saved my soul, woken me from the coma of existing but no’ living. And I love you. You’re strong, brave, determined, selfless, funny. You’re everything I’ve ever wanted but dinna realize. You’re what makes me whole now, no’ my soul.” – Warren Campbell

Good Lord, why, WHY do you torture me so with guys like Warren?! Do you get some kind of sick satisfaction seeing me drool over their brooding ways or something?!

Warren Campbell has ceased hoping he can ever get his humanity – his soul – back ever again. So it’s only undestandable that he doesn’t trust soulceresses, since he’s in this predicament thanks to one of their kind. But when said soulceress is about to break out of her eternal prison, he will need to work side by side with Esha – who just so happens to be a soulceress, too. What is more, she is the only one that makes his body respond, eager for something he has long shoved away. Will they be able to defeat Aurora and get her back to her prison before her use of Warren’s soul breaks him completely? And what will they do when they realize they may be even more perfect for each other than they originally feared?

Well, what can I say? I knew this was going to be a love-hate romance, and wasn’t disappointed. I love these types of romances. They have the right amount of drama, and while it breaks my heart to watch two people who would be a really awesome couple throw all this hate and hurt at each other, it also makes the point when they finally break down and get together even sweeter.

Warren and Esha’s story was like that. They were always throwing insults and hurtful words towards each other – Warren doing it even more often – and it kept ripping my soul in two sobbing pieces. Why? Because they weren’t just wonderful together. They also knew it! And they kept pushing each other away for so many reasons, no matter how valid! I’m telling you, the moment the dam broke, I cried!

And I have to admit, the way things ended… Well, I was shocked! Not only did it surprise me – I mean, I rarely if ever get that kind of feeling when reading anymore – but I also think that Ms. Hall painted a much better picture than the one I had in mind. Trust me, mine was reaaaallllyyyy gloomy!

Ana’s story is up next – oh, goody, I like her, she has spunk and she’s funny. Plus, she likes Esha as much as I do, so that makes her a lovable character in my eyes.