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Rogue Soul (The Mythean Arcana, #3)

And here I thought Warren and Esha’s story would be my most favorite in the series. Oh, boy, was I sorely mistaken….

The third book in the Mythean Arcana series focuses on Andrasta, aka Ana, Esha’s best friend, who happens to be the Celtic goddess of victory. Ana wasn’t always a goddess, though. She became one when she killed Camulos, the previous god of war. Turns out Camulos isn’t as dead as she thought, though. And he might just be her ticket out of her dreader position. Now if only she can convince the one man who ever made her melt to take back his place among the gods and replace her….

I loved those two, maybe even more than I liked Warren and Esha. They were adorable to watch, as they kept dancing around each other. Both scared to admit how they felt, and both refusing to take that damn place of godship because they were too humane to survive in the Otherworld, where no emotion was evident and loneliness was the key word of everyone’s life.

And while they both wanted nothing to do with that, they were equally adamant in NOT being able to force the other to complete the task. All that pent up tension between, so many centuries old, was really something else!

Now I can’t wait to be done with the next book. Also, is it just me, or do I sense a book for Logan coming up?