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Hot Mess (Hostile Operations Team, #2)

“I love you, Sam. I don’t care if that makes you uncomfortable. I love you and I won’t keep it a secret any longer. From anyone.” – Georgeanne Hayes

I feel like I’m finally getting somewhere with this series – see, I’m pretty easy to please. Not that the second book was absolutely perfect, but we’re getting there.

Sam McKnight is one of the new members of HOT. And one of the toughest guys around. However, one look at Georgeanne Hayes, his best friend’s little sister, after so many years of walking out on her, and he knows he can’t keep up with the tough act. Georgie is in trouble, with terrorists after her, and he will need to keep his wits together if he wants to protect her – whether that means from her pursuers or him, it remains to be seen.

I seriously considered the second book an improvement of the series. It didn’t have as much action as the first one, and it mainly focused on the romance, but at least the relationship seemed a little more believable and the heat and the tension made up for it. Sam and Georgie were scorching hot together, and they really blew my mind.

Georgie was the kind of woman who always knew what she wanted. Even when she was young, she wanted Sam. It was refreshing to see her keep going after him, because she knew he wanted her, too, and was holding back for stupid reasons having to do with her family and his supposed inadequacy. She wasn’t overly pushy, and she didn’t act like a brat. Instead she was all pure strong female. And I like that in a heroine. She knew it would be hard to be with Sam, considering his occupation, but she was willing to give it a shot.

Now, Sam, he was a nice guy. Always up for the task of proving himself worthy, especially to Georgie’s family, and ready to protect her at any cost. The only problem with this hunk was, his denial. It was downright INFURIATING at times. Like a whiny teenager! Dude, the girl says she wants you. You want her. She’s willing to try and be with you despite the weird circumstances. And you want that, too. So then why keep pushing her away?! Damn male PMS and all the good it destroys in romances!!!

The fact he tried to “show” her what it would be like between them if they tried making it work, was even more awful. It made it all look dirty, and I suppose this was his plan all along, but it also made him look even more of an asshole. Meh, I’m done with this guy, hope the next one is better than that. If he didn’t have such wonderful chemistry with Georgie – all thanks to her and none thanks to him – I would have screamed while reading that part.

In any case, the next book is Billy’s, and since he’s a guy who really intrigues me, I can’t wait to see what happens in his story!

“I can’t forget you, Georgie. I can’t quit you either. I’ve thought of you for twelve years, and once I had you—really had you—I knew I was in trouble. Because I don’t care how pissed off Rick gets at me, or how disappointed your parents are because I’m not what they envisioned for their princess. I want you. I need you. You’re everything to me…”- Sam McKnight