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Bite of Silver (Alliance of Silver and Steam #2)

“Odette, Odette, I know the timing isn’t ideal. I know you may not even be able to hear or comprehend a word I’m saying. Je t’aime. Odette, I’m in love with you.” – Philippe Clemis

Well, well, well. Just when you think a certain type of character is going to get on your nerves, and piss you off to no extent, Lexi Ostrow comes along and takes you by complete surprise!

Philippe Clemis is considered to be the best Hunter of the Alliance, but he doesn’t like hunting with partners. However, the French Hunter will have no say in acting as some sort of safeguard for Odette Cosgrove, the Guildmaster’s widowed daughter. Suddenly, hunting solo is not as attractive to Philippe. But when Odette becomes the victim of an attack meant to turn her into a Kappa’s blood slave, the Alliance’s best warrior will have to face his worst fears and prejudices, as he journeys in a race against time to find the cure for her condition…

I admit I’m not a fan of French characters. I’ll say it right now to get it out of my chest. Nothing particular against them, and I certainly don’t hate them, I just don’t feel as attracted to them as I feel for some other races.

On top of that, Philippe was someone I really wanted to smack in the previous book – ok, in his defense, I wanted to smack pretty much anyone besides the main couple, because they kept trying to break them apart. Besides, he wasn’t as funny as my darling Lucius, so what could I do? Humor is important to me!

However, like I said, Ostrow is THE mistress of persuasion, and before I knew it, I was swooning! His brooding attitude, those snarky comments, the lone-wolf persona, you just can’t throw them in my face and expect me to remain unattached! And when he finally started opening up, or when I saw what his reasons for hunting solo were, I nearly cried! I was so unfair to the poor guy, it’s not even funny! Here I was, badmouthing and cursing him, when he was just being considerate and insecure.

As for Odette, hmmm, I have to say I’m not so sure how I feel about her. I liked her spunk and her authority aura, as well as her leadership skills. I loved how she never forgot she was in danger and didn’t let her feelings for Philippe blind her to the immediate danger she was in. The way she treated Seraphina was also spectacular!

But there was one teeny tiny problem. There were times when she kept letting her emotions rule her actions and decisions. I understand it wasn’t something that can be controlled, but she was such a brat in certain situations, it was like the strong, independent woman was an illusion I had made up to survive this horrible behavior of hers! It wasn’t shown just in the way she treated Philippe at times. It kept showing everywhere! To the Guildmaster, to the other members of the Alliance, to the demons who had allied themselves to her rescue… I mean, it was pissing me off to no end! And no one seemed to be willing to put her in her place for her words, either! She would start screaming at someone and accusing them (seriously, when she DARED talk to my Eliza like that I wanted to throw my laptop out of the nearest window!) and then, after she had calmed down, everyone would treat her with kid gloves and be sympathetic, for god’s sake, like she was the only victim ever!

But the worst part of her? Ohohohoooo, the worst part…. She was afraid of responsibilities! She kept saying she was a good leader, and I don’t doubt she could be, because she showed as such, but lady, when you’re a leader, you should be prepared to be the one to blame most of the times. Especially when it is actually your fault! Don’t go pointing fingers to find who’s responsible for someone’s death, because you couldn’t tell that someone you loved them before they died (which was you being a brat, again, since you were sulking!). And not only that, but she was also fully aware she was in fault but didn’t want to admit it out loud!

Ok…. The kindergarten classroom is that way. If you would follow me, please….

It’s a good thing the story was marvellous, so Odette’s bitchy acts didn’t ruin it much. Full of action and suspense, with plenty of Lucius’s humor and that bromance that started blooming between him and Philippe. I liked how we got to see more sides to many characters, and that teamwork seemed to be the theme of this book.

I also can’t wait to read what will happen to Kellan – why is it that when I start liking a character, bad things happen to them?! (on another note of how easily Ostrow keeps catching me off guard, is the fact I didn’t expect the main couple of the next book – bravo!!!)

“This lifestyle is hell and far too short. I’ve lost everyone to demons. I won’t lose you to my personal demons. I love you.” – Odette Cosgrove


***I was given an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review. The opinion stated in this review is solely mine, and no compensation was given or taken to alter it.***