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Blood Shadows (Blackthorn, #1)

When a book – the first in a series – makes you fangirl about a genre you’re practically against, you know that:
a) the author is definitely one you want in your to-watch-out-for list and
b) this series is gonna be gooooood!

Caitlin Parish is so close to delivering justice for the death of her parents. She just needs to capture Kane Malloy, a master vampire, and get him to cooperate. But there are many secrets hidden in the dark, concerning not only what happened to Caitlin’s family but also her own career and life so far. And capturing Kane is only going to make them all come to the surface. Suddenly, the creature after her soul is not the most dangerous thing around…

I admit I was afraid to read this book. Despite being an ARC, it had received some negative reviews that pointed out many of my pet peeves, and, worst of all, it had a vampire as a male lead. Those of you who know me well understand why I stress this little detail out. It’s because I’m not a fan of those leeches. They freak me out, and cannot even compare to shifters in my opinion – which is why I prefer shifter romances to vampire ones. But then I decided that I had to give it a try at the very least, and so I began.

It was hard to get into it, at first. Caitlin, while understandably on a tight schedule and scared out of her mind, was making one wrong decision after the other. Kane was trying to act seductive one moment, and good ol’ baddie (no, it wasn’t a typo, I didn’t mean buddy) the other. And there were so many things that kept piling up and I couldn’t get my head in the game. Not to mention those two really were annoying with their issues and sexual tension – and no, it wasn’t the sexual tension of the good kind!

Not to mention, they were each trying to get out of their comfort zone to achieve goals that would only hurt the person they claimed was starting to be really important (aka each other). Caitlin was trying to become a sinner, Kane was trying to become a saint….

However, that only took place at some specific moments. Because the rest of the book was filled with mystery – the good kind – and clues (I mean, like, EVERYWHERE!!!) and hotness. While they still had their demons to fight, up until the very last chapter, those two managed to make it through it all alive, together, and most importantly, with their goals somewhat achieved. Success!!!! Also, after some point, the story kept giving us explanations for everything we had come to question, and filled the important gaps.

While I still don’t consider vampires to be my favorite creatures, and Kane with Caitlin were admirable but not my number one fictional couple, this book did manage to make me like the story. It made me cry, most of the time, but that showed it was amazing in driving its point home, because this series is not about sunshine and flowers and sweet romance. It’s about harsh reality, and people either on the dark side, or halfway to it, trying to make something in their world better, even if it seems impossible and unfair for the rest of the story’s universe.

I certainly can’t wait to read the rest of the series – and since you all know me as a shifter (wolf, lycan, whatever) extreme fan, you all know I’m dying to read Jask’s story, right?

Word of warning: Don’t take ANYTHING for granted in this book. You’re in for a ride full of plot twists, so just suck it up and enjoy!


***I was given an ARC from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. The opinion stated in this review is solely mine, and no compensation was given or taken to alter it.***