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The Gentle Knight (The Norman Conquest, #2)

“I love you, Brighit. You make me complete. I will spend evey day of our lives together seeing to your happiness because of how much happiness you’ve given me.” – Peter

Seems like Peter of Normandy had the same fate as his best friend in wedding his woman – and that was, marrying her under the weirdest and most unexpected of circumstances!

Peter believes himself to be cursed when it comes to women he cares about going into labor. So he has decided to steer clear from a married life that would ensure he gets to experience a possible pregnancy going all wrong again. However, all his plans go straight out of the window when he meets Brighit MacNaughton, on her way to become a bride of Christ. Brighit always dreamed of a good husband and children to call her own, but her dying father’s last wish changed that as she had to follow her duty and become a nun. It’s only the beginning of her journey to the priory, though, and already she knows the men escorting her have other plans in mind. But then she gets saved by a handsome knight with gentle manners and a sad longing in his eyes, and before she knows it, sweet Brighit will have trouble trying to stay true to her father’s words.

I loved Peter from the previous book and I was anxious to read his story. And as I have already said, Ashley York knows how to work her cast of character. And I’m not talking about a small cast, either. The woman creates a small army of people for every book she writes, and plays with them so expertly, it’s hard to not feel ANYTHING for them. Be it hatred, disgust, love or admiration – one thing’s for sure, indifference is far from occupying your thoughts when you read their lines or actions.

The funny thing about this story was that both Peter and Brighit wanted the same thing, but like John and Rowena, they had a hard time communicating, mainly because they kept assuming what the other party was thinking, instead of asking plain out. But that’s why we love them – both couples – because this lack of total perfection, this humane way of making mistakes, makes them approachable and adorable. Plus, it helped to make the love scenes even more anticipated and sweeter. Never let it be said that Ashley York doesn’t know how to build sexual tension, and make a story really hot without overdoing it on the intercourse parts.

I admit for a minute I was afraid that Sean would be another problem to be solved – hey, can you blame me after the trouble Rowena went through in the previous book? But York’s books are not to be taken lightly or for granted. She just doesn’t know how to be repeatable even when she’s writing stories with overused themes. It’s part of her charm and talent, and the main reason why I’ve loved all of the books I’ve read from her so far.

I sure hope she keeps up the amazing work. Her stories are truly some of the few historical romances I enjoy.

“Did you hear me when I told you I loved you? I do, Peter. I love you.” – Brighit MacNaughton


***I was given an ARC from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. The opinion stated in this review is solely mine, and no compensation was given or taken to alter it.***